Yvonne takes a stroll outside

Now released, the whole collection of the Yvonne Gown!
This dress is long and sleek. The collar is large, fiabesque and somewhat mysterious as it wraps around your face.
The cloth is bicolour. For each version it has one hue for the inside and one for the outside. Hope you'll like the combinations ;)
The skirt is tight and mermaid like, with a little train on the back. It is resizable via script which can afterwards be deleted.
Makeup with coloured tear included!

It is available inworld [TP to main store] via my special vendors (discount for Clio Cardiff & Co. group members). You can also find it on the Marketplace, also as COPY/NO TRANSFER, click on the single colour photos to be redirected to the listings :)

Remember that Fashion For Life closes TODAY!!! If you read this in time, you might still be able to go and get some great goodies!
If not, you will be finding the special black and white Yvonne gowns in my store starting from tomorrow. They will still be sold to raise money towards FFL.

Yvonne Gown also seen on One Thing At A Time.

Big hugs,

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Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2

Just a quick line to inform you all that I, together with lots (I mean LOTS) of other designers, am taking part to the second edition of the Diamond Is Mine Hunt (DIMH2).
More info, together with a list of stores participating, LMs and hints can be found on their official website: DIMH2 @ Sophistishapes.

Happy hunting, dears!


PS: did you or did you not check out FFL and all its crazy sales yet?!? [TP]

Clio goes GREENIO!

Yes, you READ right!
It is a super deal for just my store on Ansel Adams SIM, and it is ONE of the very very many green sales going on all through the 9 FFL sims.
Be sure to have a tour and grab some super discounted goodies! :D


Fashion for Life 2011, starting NOW!

And going on through the 22nd of March!
This year there's been a little change in organisation, but I am pretty sure the fair will be a huge success!
All the info you might need (questions answered, list of designers participating, list of events and so on) can be found on Fashion for Life Official Website.
This year's theme is "Beyond Black & White", and we were totally free to interpret that however we wanted. I, as colours-addict, stuck to the theme and contributed EXCLUSIVELY black and white items. Some are from my past years, some are brand new releases that will be available to public first of all at the fair, in their black and white version.

What else is great about this year?
There is going to be a HUNT going on (with hunt items prices 10 to 100L$ and ALL proceeds going to RFL) and many many designers have set up Gatcha kiosks! So with a tiny donation you can get a random item among 6 different ones!

I am on the Ansel Adams SIM, together with a lot of wonderful formal wear designers. [TP to Ansel Adams SIM]

 Don't miss the chance to come by and shop for a good cause! The fair closes its door on March the 22nd, so you do have time! ;)

Seen on: Blissimo, My Style in Second Life, Look what the cat brought.

Lots of love,

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Fashion for Life sneak peek ;)

Coming on March 14th.
New collection preview at the Fashion for Life fair!
Two colours from my new line will be sold at a super special price to raise money for the American Cancer Society, starting from next week!
More info on the fair at fashionforlifesl.com.
Limousine to the SIM (s) to follow :)

Have a great day!


End-of-the-year SALE!

Happy belated Christmas!

And to celebrate the end of the THIRD year of Clio in SL (yes, that's right, I started designing 3 long years ago :)), I decided to hold a big sale and to set all the prices in store to ONE THIRD of their original value!

All formals, casuals, and fatpacks are now 60 to 70% OFF!
The offer will be valid until the 31st of December... that just gives you a few days to come by!
The prices have been reduced both at my main store [TP to Sunrise Island] and in my Marketplace store :)

I hope this will make up for being unable to release new items before Christmas >.<

Happy holidays, dears!
With love,

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It's Marion, not Marian!

Yes, it's definitely not maid Marian from out dear Robin Hood tale, although she could quite easily 'fit' a wood :)
This new cocktail dress has sleeveless top and a large and full prim skirt made of sculpted panels plus flexi panels that give some movement.

Textures are 100% hand drawn from scratch by me.
I put a resizer script in the skirt, so you can fit it to your own figure and delete the script once you're done:)
The outfit comes in 6 different colours and both as copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy.

Where to get it? Either [TP to my main store] or just click on the posters to be redirected to the Marketplace listing and buy online!

Also seen on Blissimo.



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Christine enchantment

Hello dears!
I have newness! And it comes as a large and flexi formal gown.
The skirt is super rich and full of layers. The top has a hand drawn pattern over a sheer bodice.
The skirt has a semitransparent overlayer over the skirt of a different colour.
As always, the dress has been completely hand drawn by me, and the prims arranged one by one.
It comes in 6 different colours, and both as copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy.
There is also a DEMO in store, if you want to try it on:)
[TP to main store] or click on the pictures to be redirected to the Marketplace listings and purchase online :)

Also seen on One Thing At A Time and Blissimo.


... along came Nadine!

Here it is!
This week's release is Nadine Dress, which you saw a few days ago as a Halloween Special item in its Orange version.
Nadine is a cute short dress with frilly sculpted skirt.
As always, it is available as both copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy, and in 6 different colours.
Again, it's 100% hand drawn by me, with no use of any photosource.
You can find it at my main store, or on the online Marketplace (click on the pictures to be redirected to the item listing to purchase online:)).
Or [TP to main store] .

Hope you like the other colours :D

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

With love,

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Trick or treat?

... definitely a treat!

I have these 2 special Halloween colours available in my main store for 50L$! Eleonore Gown was last week's release... while Nadine dress is a soon to be released item!
Hurry up and get them before they are gone!
[TP to main store]


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Shimmery newness: Eleonore

Hello lovelies!
Eleonore is now available in store in 7 different colours, both in its COPY/NO TRANSFER and TRANSFER/NO COPY versions.
Again I made the skirt (3 pieces to ensure perfect leg coverage) resizable via script.
There is a DEMO available inworld, should you want to try it on :))
[TP to my main store] or just click on the images to buy from the SL Marketplace! (the big image on top links to the Full Collection page ;))

Starting from today I am also part of a reselling network, so my products are available for resale should anyone be interested in that :) More info on Argus in SL. Or just TP over to the distribution centre and browse around :)

Hope you love these new releases!

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