Peacock Tail... to be unique!

Yes, girls, I am speeding on the daring highway, leading towards super-sexy!
I am loving outfits that show bare legs, so here is another very revealing and very fashionable item from my clothing line.
A second version with 'closed' skirt will be available in a few days, but meanwhile I released the sexy one ;)

I still like to consider it a formal gown, although it is clearly not the average evening dress.
It can be a wild cocktail dress or a provocative night gown... the choice is yours!
It will certainly not pass by unnoticed ;)

I made 7 colours and once again made top and pants available on all layers.
The dresses are all transferable (hehe, guess what? It's Valentine's Day!!! ;)) and I marked the Blue and the Colours Pack (all 7 colours!) down to 50% OFF for the whole weekend!

Here are the single colours:

(100% hand drawn, prims placed manually one by one)

Have a nice & naughty Valentine's Day, everyone!

Pictures credits:

  • skin by PXL Creations
  • hair by Truth
  • shoes by Maitreya.

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