New sexy tiny outfit and bikini!

Hi there:)

I have just released in my main store and in a couple other locations the newest item from my collection:)

Here is a poster of the whole thing, hope you like it.

As you can see a load of gorgeous ladies modeled for it, so my group of models is getting bigger and bigger lol.

Then, I wanted to make sure people find out about a very very classy new Jazz Club in SL. The place is called 'Shop&Jazz Istanbul Edition'. It is a whole SIM stunningly built up from scratch by Enes Masala, the owner of the place.
Apart from the jazz club, which has a fabulous dancefloor and some private lounges for slow couple dances, there is a huge and fine mall. Many great designers are already displaying there, and there's still rental space available.
There's also a nice art gallery and a harbour. It really deserves a visit!

And another place I rent in which is very 'different' is called AtlantisLove. It's a waterfront with many shops and a whole lot of cuddles and attractions underwater! Look at this:Have fun you all!


Clio -pret a porter- finally got land!

Hello Everyone!
I am not on much lately, cause busy in RL, but I have great news!
I finally bought some land! Yessssss, a 4096 sqm parcel in Capelli Estates! Will place a nice SLURL as soon as I decide landing point, and will show u a snapshot of the store (as soon as it will be over:)).
I just wanted to let you know... be patient for just a little longer!
Kisses to u all!