... along came Nadine!

Here it is!
This week's release is Nadine Dress, which you saw a few days ago as a Halloween Special item in its Orange version.
Nadine is a cute short dress with frilly sculpted skirt.
As always, it is available as both copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy, and in 6 different colours.
Again, it's 100% hand drawn by me, with no use of any photosource.
You can find it at my main store, or on the online Marketplace (click on the pictures to be redirected to the item listing to purchase online:)).
Or [TP to main store] .

Hope you like the other colours :D

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

With love,

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Trick or treat?

... definitely a treat!

I have these 2 special Halloween colours available in my main store for 50L$! Eleonore Gown was last week's release... while Nadine dress is a soon to be released item!
Hurry up and get them before they are gone!
[TP to main store]


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Shimmery newness: Eleonore

Hello lovelies!
Eleonore is now available in store in 7 different colours, both in its COPY/NO TRANSFER and TRANSFER/NO COPY versions.
Again I made the skirt (3 pieces to ensure perfect leg coverage) resizable via script.
There is a DEMO available inworld, should you want to try it on :))
[TP to my main store] or just click on the images to buy from the SL Marketplace! (the big image on top links to the Full Collection page ;))

Starting from today I am also part of a reselling network, so my products are available for resale should anyone be interested in that :) More info on Argus in SL. Or just TP over to the distribution centre and browse around :)

Hope you love these new releases!

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Halloween hunt with BOSL!

Just a little information: a huge Halloween hunt all over the BOSL sims is now going on!
Until the 31st of October there will be a lot of great stores discounting down to 50L one of their items.
I swear I am not TRICKING you! Just look for the little pumpkins and get your TREAT ;)
My controbution? The recently released Sabrina Lavander Gown, priced down to 50L for the occasion :)
You can find it in my [STORE AT CASABLANCA BOULEVARD].
Happy hunting!

Spooky hugs,


Dedicated to Liane.

Here it is!
Brand new casual dress, dedicated to the lovely Liane Maertens, talented SL model.

Liane dress is flirty yet classy, a bit naughty but stylish.
The top shows a large portion of the left side of the bust, while frills partially cover the right shoulder. The skirt is double-layered, soft and uneven.

As always, it is completely hand drawn and I made it resizable via script which can then be deleted after fitting.
It is available in 6 colours (or in a full collection pack) and both as COPY/NO TRANSFER or TRANSFER/NO COPY.
Where to get it? Either [TP to my main store] or click on the posters to be redirected to the Marketplace listings.

I hope you like them!
Make sure to check back for new updates :)

With love,

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I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!

And here I am, sitting on a slippery rock, lost in the cold damp of these castle ruins.
I wonder if those magical creatures have always been floating over this corner of the Earth, even when the hallways were crowded and the fires lit.
I am sure, my eyes were open, and yet it disappeared after the first quick glimpse.
Just a whimsical instant of cheerful grace to assure me they won't leave me alone.
I do believe in fairies.

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Sabrina Gown released.

Hello dears :)
I just released my first item in a long time! Gosh, I missed SL during my RL ramblings... and that's why I hope I can be 'backish' for a while.

Sabrina gown is now available in my store in 6 different colours.
It's a delicate long gown with a flower motive printed on the top and skirt panels.
The top leaves a shoulder uncovered, revealing a slightly sheer patch over a portion of the left breast.
The bottom of the dress holds tightly around the body and terminates in a soft and flowy prim skirt.
Matching gloves are included.
It's been all hand drawn from scratch like my usual, and it can be bought as either copy/no transfer or transfer/no copy.
I also added a resizing script in it, so you can adjust it to your shape and delete the script once you are done with it:)
Here are the other available colours, don't forget you can always [TP to main store] to buy them inworld...

... or click on the pictures to be redirected to the Marketplace listing and buy online :D
Hope you like this new item... I will be back next week with something new!


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