SL 5th birthday and a cascade of shows!

Woo hoot!
People, did you know?
Second Life is at its 5th birthday! And for this massive events, LL set up 8 SIMs on which they will hold a 2 weeks celebration, from the 23rd of June to the 7th of July. More info can be found here.

But let me get to the juicy part: I was kindly asked by KSG to be one of the designers showcased by them for the event.
Shows will be held every day (!) during the first week at the following times:
Monday at 1PM SL time;
Tuesday at 6PM SL time;
Wednesday at 3PM SL time;
Thursday at 6PM SL time
and Friday at 3PM SL time.
We will be on the SIM SL5B Phantom! My turn to be showcased is Monday.... tonight!!!

As you see, shows are all at different times to allow residents from all over the world to participate!!! I wouldn't miss the chance if I were you hehe... also to see all the rest of the SIMs and the rest of the showcasing!
There will also be a lot of free items give-aways, as all will want to gift you people with something ^^.

Then, this week I will also be showcased by an italian model agency, for its inauguration show! It will be held at DARNA DREAM FASHION on the 26th of June, in 2 different time frames (and showing different outfits) at 6AM SL time and at 12:30 PM sl time. Together with me the models will be wearing outfits from other 3 italian designers!

See you there, to ALL those great events (if time will allow...:))




Photocontest winners!

Hey hey!
I wanted to post here the pictures that won my photocontest!!!
3 wonderful shots!

The first one you see was turned in from LadyRed Sautereau, wearing the Drousilla dress.
Second shot you see...it's my super friend Kuci! She has on my Jacqueline Burgundy gown... my fave!
AAAAnd, last but NOT least: a pasting of pictures by Shylah Oceanlane, modeling my Katia Peach Evening Dress, the freebie I had out for group members!

A super round of claps for these 3 awesome ladies!
And a big hug to ALL those who turned in a picture... it was a very hard choice (Pall can witness that) but at the end had to come out with the very best, and these are, to me:)

Have a great day!



Drousilla lacey dress:)

Today's post is about this new outfit I made hehe.
It's a lace-like dress (yes, not actual lace, but looks like it, doesn't it?) in 10 colours:)
Here's a poster:AAAnd, yes, I said 10 colours... cause I added another 4 lol. Pink (pale), celeste, yellow and orange:)

To see them all and get a DEMO, you can come over to my main store.

Also, I have out till the end of the month the prototype dress from which I came out with this new outfit.
I made it free for all my group members... it's in black, in the little box next to the panel displaying all the others:)

Have a great day you all!!! :)



Katia <-- All colours:)

Here, as I promised, a poster with all the colours available for my new release:) (all but the peach, strictly reserved to group members).
Hope you love them:))) Come see them all in store hehe, as always, I have demos out, too.

Then, let me show you a little dress I made for my friend Silvia's club. I called it the Silvia Dress (lol), and made it in purple and only available at her club, Little Italy in the World, for 1 single L$:)
Isn't it cute? I plan on making different colours every TOT time (still to define lol), always and ONLY available there.... so be sure to check out Little Italy In the World:)

Also... since I am splashing of all recent new things, I will also give you a taste of the dress I made for The Love Bugg hehe... the owner Jenniferbugg is such a cutie that I wanted to do something special for her place, so ta dah:

Be sure to visit The Love Bugg, too!
Muah to all!



Katia line out!

I have released a new formal line in 4 different styles.
I made a ballgown, a long dress, an evening gown and a fluffy gown with a little split that I called Delicata.
The Evening dress is here shown in Peach, in a special version I will have for 1L$ to group members till the 15th of June.
It is NO Transfer, and the vendor will give you back the money paid if you are not wearing your tag, so be aware of that;)

Also, here is a sample poster for a complete package in another colour, pink, among the 11 available.
I might soon post also a general poster with all the colours as I did for the last releases, but today I just had no time to take care of that, as I was dealing with pictures that took around 20 minutes each because of that friggin skirt bug! Lol, every time I changed outfit I had to wait a LOOONG time before the system skirt would load... and I am actually not 100% sure all the pictures came out with system skirt fully rezzed... oh well!

I hope you like them!!! Let me know what you think;)