Martha Dresses: brand new flowery creation:)

Hehe, here is my very last release:)
Again: spring sensation! This time I went with roses. All the flowers you see are little roses, placed one by one on top and skirt.
On the back there is a larger rose matching the ones on the dress.
It comes in 2 different skirt lengths, and my usual 10 different colours.
You can see them all in the poster here shown (there's Zoey modeling in there, too! lol), and to try a DEMO on, or purchase any of them, here's a link to my in-world store:)

Let me know if you like them!




Zoey is famous!

Hey all:)
I released a new spring dress, always in my flirty, colourful and fresh mood.
This item is dedicated to my dear dear friend Zoey, who has been asking me for a dress with lateral splits on the top for ages, and now I finally came up with one, and decided to name it after her:)
This is the dress, in all its 10 colours:

The prim skirt is longer in the centre and shorter at the sides... cause I feel like uneven cuts! haha
And together with the dress comes a choker with a matching sculpted flower.
Be sure to come by my shop to check it out and try a demo ;)

Also, I want to inform you all that a photocontest is going on!
I am selecting shots of people wearing my items, and will be having them as posters in my shop:)
To get a notecard with all the info on how to enter, you can visit my store:) Winners get an item of their choice from my store, and their names will be noticed to group and the pictures will be out at my shop and on my blog, so be sure to send in your photo! :)

A bunch of hugs:)

Clio Cardiff :)


Fleur is here!!! ... spring has surely come, huh?

As you see, I am trying to get back into a designing period! Haha. RL has been so stressfull last month that I could never find some time to peacefully dedicate to SL, or to my dear dresses.
And now, here's a new release: yey!

In RL I see all around this very high-waisted top and dresses now. And as I was chatting with my super chinese-aussie friend, we agreed that the 'pre maman' style (not even sure if pre-maman is english...) is the new fashion.
So here is my version of high-waisted almost-pregnant dress:)
Since we're approaching spring, I couldn't keep myself from adding flowers and flowers to the cute pattern, which is all hand drawn :)))
And since it gives such a strong idea of 'spring', when my friend said: 'I would name it Fleur', I couldn't resist!
This time I added also a little clutch bag, all sculpted and with texture matching the dress!
It's perfect to go out shopping, and has an animation that will hold up your arm, so you don't risk to sink the purse inside the dress, hehe.
You like it??? (as always, I have a demo at my main store hehe).

Then, a little notice to group members is that I have a FREE set of jewelry available for all of you!
It's a set of sculpted earrings and necklace. Very very simple, but made with my very own hands (lol) and since they came out nice enough, I thought I would have them as a gift for those people who keep supporting me! Love ya all, and hope you'll come grab the gift :)


Clio Cardiff :)


Emma Dress&shoes!

Hey there you all:)
Today I am posting about my newest release: the Emma dress!
Remember the Lilac spring dress I had out as a fund-raiser for some weeks for the MFA? Well, that item is not for sale anymore, after raising a lot of money (thank you all!) and a new version of the Emma was released in 10 other colours, all with 2 different skirts and a pair of matching heels included in the package.

I kept the polka dots idea from the Lilac Dress, as for the unevenly cut skirt.
All hand drawn once again, and here's a poster of all the colours:)

Hope you LOVE them:)

As always, a demo is available at my main store. Be sure to come by:)))


Clio Cardiff