Busy days in RL

So, last few days I have been very busy in RL (busy/sick.... don't let me think about it!). And was almost never on sl.
That's not really bad if you just consider it as 'staying away from my biggest addiction'. BUT, lately I had started enjoying so much my time with Pall, that I missed him these last few days. I could barely talk to him during those short minutes I was online.
And now he's also busy building up a huge project he's had in mind for a long time (maybe even since we first met:)). I would be so happy to help him out a bit, with the little I can do...
Well, I can't right now... and I feel very sorry for it, cause he told me so much about this project, and now that he's seeing the thing coming alive, I am awfully filled with stuff to do. (I shouldn't even be on sl at any time!!! But my addiction doesn't allow me to quit so easily:))
That's it... Clio is so busy!!! I haven't seen anyone on sl for a LONG time now! All the times I was online I would just go around and place items in rental spaces, nothing more....
So, Pall... please forgive me for not coming to see you these days... you know I would have loved to... and I know you understand and say 'it's ok', but you also know I need to say 'sorry', everytime:)

Bye for now, people:)


News.... on romance:)

Well... remember what I told you guys last time about me and Pall?
That he was helping me getting a little more open to romance, and to people, in general.
And so... we went on with our experiment of seeing if Clio can get to be romanceable... until we got to just meeting up almost everyday:)
Hehe, people... I don't know what to say about it... need to think it over, but for now I'll leave u a shot of one of our last nights together :)
Aren't we cute???
(and, thinking about it, it took 6 months to get to this... lol).

Just one little advice to all those girls out there that play hard-to-get: maybe one day you'll feel like letting go of the tough girl part, and if you'll be lucky enough, you won't be regretting it:)
AND, to those who always look for romance: it's ok to do that, but remember that the best things come when you least expect them... so don't give yourself away too easily, cause there might be someone out there worth waiting for:)