Rania Gowns out... my first bridal!

Finally blogging again, huh?
I have been just SO busy lately... vacation, then the beach in RL...
But most of all, the big news is I moved my main store! Yesss, I am now having it here!!! Come check it out!
I will have some party there soon (hopefully!) with pressies given out and other things... but right now, it's open to public and it is where you can find my new release... my very first bridal gown!
I made it in 10 colours, as usual, so it's not NECESSARILY a bridal gown... and it's in 2 different versions with obviously mixing and matching possibilities hehe:)
I am selling them as single packs or together, in a complete package.
See all the pictures below:)
A DEMO is available at my main too!

Let me also credit the creators of the skin and shoes used for this shot:)
The skin is from Hart Larsson, awesome creator of PXL, while shoes are from Melanie Zhao :)

Hope you love the dress, and do come by the new store, woot! :)

Huggable hugs:)



Clio blogged on Second Style!!!

A big hug to Rhi Rossini for her post!
And a bunch of kisses to you all for your never ending support :)




New Lucy Dress:)

Hello all:)This is my new dress:)
Finally managed to release something new, huh?
I will try and work as much as I can... but RL during vacations gets busier than ever!!!
And these days it's so hot that sitting in front of the PC is nearly unbearable...
So, anyways, you can get a DEMO for this dress buying from the poster like the one above in my main store.
I made the skirt after watching a 60's italian movie one afternoon.... thought "those large skirts are beautiful!". So I came up with loads of layers to give a full and fluffy look to my SL version of those dresses:)

And since I'm here writing to you all, let me give some credit to the people who made the skin and hair for the posters this time:
Hart Larsson of PXL Creations (Crys skin), and Kavar Cleanslate (Ayumi - hair).

Many kisses,