OK OK, let me correct...

Of course, mi professor me dije que tenia que escribir:
"secretaria", y no "segretaria", y que se dice "favorito", no "favorido".
LOL, U happy, now, prof???
(spanish lessons proceed...)


Diva fashion show and some more.

Yesterday I was teleported by Angie to my very first fashion show on SL!
LOL, of course I took many pictures, as I always do. Maybe I can learn something from Annejoy Paine...
This is a shot of 2 versions of the same wonderful dress:

Yep... a true fashion show... models, catwalk, and announcer (who was the designer herself).

Then another great announcement about yesterday is: I talked on voice to PALL! After a looong time:)
It was so different:) And I still need to WORK on my understanding of his accent! First 5 minutes I was totally lost! hahahaha. Oh, well... there will be plenty of occasions:)

AND, I am trying to learn spanish (properly learn, that is). And I found a very good teacher! Hahaha, need to take a picture of him to put on this blog... cause my SL profile is STUFFED, already. Un besito a mi espanolito favorido!!! Y a su segretaria, MUY importante segretaria, que me ayudò a saber como se prepara pamboli (con pan mallorquin). LOL... prof, you gotta read this and correct me, in case I got it all wrong! LOL.

Beijos a todos (wow, I speak sooo many languages LMAO!)


OK, store name changed already.

The hunt for a nice, cheap, and 'big enough' piece of land is still on.
Maybe will be able to speed it up a little, but from now on I will have increasing RL business to take care of, so it might all skip to October, who knows.
So, this is the new logo!

Do you like it? (too late to say "No", anyways lol).
Yesterday I changed all my signs around in my vendors. I hope I didn't forget any of them... if anyone sees a "Ccard's" sign around, or notices a LM giver still gives old CCard's LM, send me an IM (lol).
The logo was such a pain to develop!

Had to ask Key's, Pall's, Kuc's (well, she didn't get to see the final result before it was out), and nanon's opinion... most of them was stuck on the dark version, let me tell you. But I just preferred light background:)

Mwah to all of you, thanx for the opinion (don't get mad if I chose the one u didn't pick lol).


New outfits, models and plans.

Have very very little time to talk now, will say something more later.

First, let's welcome to my 'Hot Models' group of girls the 3 beauties that modeled for me today. Got 4 gorgeous new casual outfits out, one modeled by myself.
Then, quickly, let's talk about CCard's... cause maybe, soon, you guys won't be hearing about it anymore...
NOT because I plan to stop designing and selling my stuff (would never do that!). But because I think the name is not too good. Hard to remember, mispelled by the most, and not too cute, anyways (lol). What was I thinking back then?
Anyways... one of the possibilities, the most POSSIBLE one, is that the name will just be 'Clio'. Easy to remember, not too hard to spell (apart from those who call me Cleo lol) and a lot more personal:)
I also thought of a possible new sign for it. I'd like you guys to post a comment on which one u prefer (Kuc and Pall... thanx for reading my blog all the time, and u don't have to post anything lol, I already know which one u prefer):

So? lol, tell me what u think... will take some time to decide, and still have to play with colors, cause I might not have it like this... we'll see.



Just wanted to show you all my last design.... been designing like crazy! LOL
Watch out, something else might be released soon:)


New stuff at my store:)

Hey people, while SL is down, I'm taking a little time to show you my latest things:)

I am so proud of them... cause I am trying to broaden my styles, add shades or maybe use lace.
Here is a cute lingerie+tiny outfit set.
I LOVE it!
Wear it a lot lol.
And this is a new gown, with lace suit:

(got compliments by 6 people at Phat's... I'm about to cry! lol).
And the skin I used to model this last one was kindly offered by Charlize Klaar. She's a skin designer, who's trying to get her skins to be known around, so if you like it IM her and let her know:) She makes unique designs (says she plans of selling just a few of each on sl).
... these days I met tons of NOOBIES! lol. Have at least 10 new friends among new people and others who just happened to talk to me. OMG, my friends list is gonna explode!
But... for many reasons, I got to see Pall alone for no more than a few minutes. We haven't had proper time together in a long time. Kind of miss him:) *kiss*


Looking for land for sale... maybe:)

It's been a looong while since I last posted something on this blog.
And in the meanwhile, so many things happened.
Firstly, since my last posts were all about the same topic, I'm going with some news about romance (lmao, still not used to being like this...).
Well, yesterday one of my first models, Lib, got married to her King:) And I went with Pall to the ceremony. It was held on brand new Virtual Atherstone. Nice layout, but lag caused some problems... couldn't take good pictures, here is a little 'all-together' of the wedding

and a shot of me and Pall:)

Then, other news are about CCard's... I am trying to expand the brand... experimenting with shades on clothes, and stuff like that. I made a pair of awful prim shoes some weeks ago... They were a gift for the people in the "Clio Cardiff & Co." group.
I want to start making more of it. More outfits, more complete ones (adding accessories), and different styles of prim shoes.
It would be a whole new thing to me, if I can get it to work, that is...
And in the effort to get to do new things, I ended up with no more prims available at my place at Wooson... So I now have another spot too, where I sell my whole collection. And of course, I am looking for some land to own myself, to build up an actual 'main store' on my own land.
I will have to think it over a lot... come out with some new outfits first, and then think about how and where to get the land... And a friend once told me I should try to stress my name (especially the first one, Clio), instead of "CCard's", which is in fact kind of hard to remember and to spell correctly.
So there might be some major change in my designing line. The layout, the name... Who knows.
Up for suggestions, that's for sure:)

And hey!
I was almost forgetting a major news for the whole SL community!
Phat Cat's is no longer owned by Dilbert Dilweg and Charity Colville! They passed it on to a new owner, a girl.
Waiting to meet her:)

Gotta go now.