Angelica Gowns out!

Hi Hi^^!
SL is acting up like crazy tonight, sooo: I got on my blog to show you my super-latest new release:)
A formal gown, again, lol. And all hand-drawn, again... and with tons of shadings I am so proud of, again.
So what's NEW about it, huh? lol. Well, this time I made a totally different prim skirt. Different from the usual shapes I would go for, and I was actually inspired with it by Nicky Ree's Grandeur Gown skirt.
The textures have a tiny and cute beading-work on portions of the top and on the skirt panels.

The colour you see on top of this post is a wonderful (to me, at least ;-P) lilac I made to have this gown as a Relay For Life fund-raising item. Together with the Ball Gown you see in the picture, there is a Long Dress available, too. (the relay for life items are 1L$ more than average items... it was just to get round numbers with donations, I hope noone will get too upset about it...and if you do, ask me after the purchase and I'll pay back the 1L$ I owe you:)).

Anyways, back to serious talk, this gown is available in 11 different colours, and each colour comes in 2 single packs: Ball Gown and Long Dress.
The 10 'not-relay-for-life' colours also come in a complete pack, for who wants them both together.
Below the pictures of the packs for all the other colours:)

Then, well, I have many ideas for new designs in my mind, but since I won't have much time in RL till half May, they could come to life very late.
I hope I'll be able to release something new before the MFA showcase week, though... and maybe also a freebie to give out for that occasion:)
The gowns you just saw are available at my main store, already, anyways... so come have a look! And demos available, too!

Meanwhile, I wish you all a great day/night... whatevah!




Nominated for the MFA!!!

A huge huge "Thank you!" to all those who nominated me for the Merovingi Fashion Awards!!!
I can't believe I got in the top 10 for Best Female Designer (yeah, well... 10th, but still in the charts!) and 2nd (yessssss, 2nd!!!) as Best NEW Designer!

Long long time ago, I posted about how happy I was about that Formal Contest I won at Phat Cat's wearing my Perpetua Sable... many friends said 'wow, see? This is the prove your stuff IS good'.
I can't believe that after less than a year I was even voted by over 100 people as best sl new designer.
I have loved every minute of the path that led me to this point (well, maybe trying to rez things in vendor spaces in very laggy clubs, not really...), and I am sure it has much more to give me.
Have tried to improve my skills every time I made something new, and I hope that my efforts were really what gave me the chance to get to such an accomplishment.
To all those who ever said 'wow' while trying on something from my store, to all those who ever said 'lovely work', to all those who ever said 'I am so honoured to meet the designer behind these wonderful things', to all those who ever complimented with me, to all those who voted... "Thank you, and be sure that this will give me some strength to come up with something always better :-P you like it or not!" :)

Loads of hugs!



Pictures of the Natasha (old)

Ok,as I promised, I am posting some pictures to explain what are the problems of a 'front-split' skirt...
Here on the left is what the skirt looked like :-(
As you see, system skirts on SL get cut (damn LL lol)... so when u have your legs in some 'not too tidy' pose, this is what happens: unless u are wearing glitch pants, you see the bare legs under the skirt, or the stockings, as in this picture.
And this is something I can't fix... cause, as I show you in this other picture: that side of your legs does need to be sheer (no pants), or the sexy effect of the front split that leaves some leg uncovered won't be there anymore :_(
Aint's that awful?
I thought 'great, I made a nice front split dress', and then, started noticing the flaw, and then customers asking me for glitch pants...
lol, I was a noob back then, that's why I didn't notice...
So, well, the Natasha DID need some remake... more than just retexturing.
And so I did it all: added a nice texture, and re-drew the whole thing (yes, I also slightly changed the top alpha, to make it match better).
But then, since I knew I wanted to also have the old version out, here's what I came out with: solid stockings.
LOL, the effect from the front is obviously much less sexy than with sheer stockings, but at least now from the side this is what you get -->

I hope this was clarifying for those who felt sorry for not seeing the old Natasha for sale for some days.
And maybe also a way to say "We want better system skirts!!!".
Lol, I started using them a lot, and I always have to be careful with those horrible holes... oh well.
Have a good day everyone!
Clio :)


Here is a poster for the brand new Natasha Gown!!!

As I told you, the old Natasha had a flaw... it came from my inexperience back when I made it (on this blog I haven't posted about it... but I guess it was around april 2007...), and from the fact that system skirts on SL can't have front splits. This means just: they will look crap lol.
I had a couple people complaining, alas, and I learned how to see the mistakes I made. And thus came the total revising work.
As for the Magnete and the Evelyn, the old version is back out for sale half price, with an extra: solid stockings. These will help a bit with the 'holes' system skirts have. ... I promised I will write something about it to explain to you all, cause some have asked why have I taken off the walls the only dress with a front split they could find on sl lol.
I also placed a box of free solid stockings, for all those who had the old version and want to upgrade:)

About the new version: it comes with 2 skirts options: 1 all same colour, and 1 with sheer silver layers sticking out from the skirt. You get them both, and I hope you'll like them both lol (I was not sure which one to go for, so I just packed it all up). Together with the skirt (therefore glitch pants, system skirt, and prim skirt) there is also a choice for glives. Silver ones to match the silvery skirt, and a pair of the same colour of the gown, in case u prefer it that way:) (mix-and-matching is always a good idea, anyways:)).
And the poster you see is a pasting of pictures I took of Ao Kilara on the SIM she built for edo Tone's new main store (place that deserves a visit).

A word about the sale: Until the end of the week (ie: Saturday [3/15] night 12AM SL time) I will have 1 colour of each of the following ranges for sale for half its usual price. This is ONLY going to be in my main store, and it's to celebrate the fact that it's finally expanded!!! Yey! 12288sqm of Clio! Lol...

Ranges with 1 item discounted: Sweet suits,Lonely Hearts,Juanita,Porta Romana City Outfit,Brera City Outfit,Navigli City Outfit,Mosaico,Baby Doll,Priscilla,Pamela,Gretchen,Girlish,Beachy top,Party Dress,Evelyn(revised),Magnete(revised),Dragonfly Outfit,Dizzie Dress&Bikini,Serena,Perpetua,Caterina,Cassandra,Agatha,Jacqueline, Outtie.

And no, I won't tell u which colour is discounted lol... but it's clear if you look at the prices for each :-P

Lastly, I apologise for not having out the DEMOs for the Karol yet.... it will be next thing I do, promise...
And sorry if the store doesn't seems to be set too 'nicely' yet... have to work on it:))

Let me know what you think of the new gown and of the sale:)

For any need, just IM me:)




Thank you, customers!

Hello everyone:)
I shouldn't be online now: plenty of RL work to do... but I procrastinate everytime, and so I just logged on this blog to say something to all my customers, to all those who have bought something from me.
Thank you all:)

As many might have heard, there are serious matters going on with SL content creation, and selling of content that might be stolen. The truth is: even if I hate to see that someone's effort can be taken off their creations and used for someone elses' purposes, there is always going to be good business for us creators until our good customers keep preferring us to stolen goodies.
So even if, having such a little business myself, I have never had any problem with that (lol), I still feel like thanking all those who showed appreciation for my creations and for the effort I have made.

I see people out there, designers who think they can walk over others, who just don't care about this. They maybe don't know that what makes a designer's strength are their customers, not how big they make themselves. From a customer's point of view, I would never buy something from people who think they are God and they make the best things around.
I never criticise other people's prices, because everyone has their own rule to measure their effort.
I am talking about when someone says "This designer is not as famous as I am, so he/she doesn't deserve to have a store in a good position, while I DO". LOL, believe me... hard to hold my laughter at such words... and yes, people go around saying that.
Not going to point my finger at anyone, would never do that.
I just hope all you customers will always open both your eyes when buying something, and will always go around promoting/criticising the work of a designer basing your words on YOUR OWN thoughts.
Would never suggest that people need to learn how to judge dresses in a better way, because, let's say it: quality is hardly defined on SL (no materials to be considered, no sewing... nothing), what is good is what looks good, mainly. And if you see something made by a huge name (or a 'wanna-be huge' :)) on SL, and think it looks crap... well, then probably it IS crap lol. Noone is perfect. Every designer/builder has something they are not proud of. It's just a matter of admitting it, instead of making a fool of themselves splattering everywhere how they are soooo big and famous.
This counts for every designer, including me: the name is not always important. Judge the things with your own eyes/heart/head... whatever tells you something.
Don't just fall for seeing someone's store everywhere, or so nicely furnished.
If what they sell is not worth it, or if they use mischievous means to make themselves 'Gods', and dig a hole to make all the others fall, please SEE it. A name doesn't justify anything.
If some big RL name makes a dress that is seriously crap, noone will buy it, everyone will just recognise it's been a flop, and the RL designer made something not worth their name. On SL, it should be the same, or even more.
Here, you customers have the chance to directly talk to most of the designers. There are a number of very big names around, and they are residents just like YOU are. Many of them will let you chat them up, many would personally say: IM me for any problem. The contact with SL designers is so easy that there should be no "God to peasants" relation between them and the customers.
If you see a designer that acts like you should bow at their feet, trust me, they just know it takes much more than what they have to be BIG on SL... and they think a threatening presence can substitute the talent/creativity/ability.

Woow, I sound so mean in this post:) Sorry if I scared you... even though, np, cause noone will read this post, most likely lol.

Just again: a thank you to all those who bought from me, and a HUGGY thank you to all those who left feedback:) (hoping it came from their own head:)).

Bye bye everyone!
Sorry for my madness... :)