Christmas Gift 2009 :)

While still fighting to have enough free time to spend in SL, I luckily managed to place under my little Christmas tree a nice present for all of you.
Enjoy this sexy see-through gown during these cold holidays!
Click here to teleport.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2010.
With love,

Photo credits:

  • skin from Curio (Elf skins)
  • hair from Calla (Acanthus Black)
  • jewelry from Flirt (Esprit de neige)
  • pose from [LAP]


Little Black Book is closing.

Hello dears.
Long time no news (lol). That's because my RL has been requiring more and more of my time, thus leaving nearly none for me to work on SL.
First of all, let me say I do wish to make some kind of come back, and hopefully will be able to release some goodies during these holidays.

Then, I am sorry to inform you all that Rubystarlight Writer's boutique, Little Black Book (formerly Starlight Exclusives) is going to close down very soon, on the 17th of December.
I decided that, until then, I will place a little freebie next to the items I had created for the fall collection, just as a way to say farewell to this store.
If anyone wants to grab the gifty and make their last purchases in this shop (reminder: there are creations by many different designers!), here is a LINK to the inworld location.

À bientôt!


30% OFF on Fall Starlight Exclusive Item!

Yes, my lovelies, I am not dead!

I have had some problems logging in due to an RL change of location (with all the mess this implies when we talk of an internet connection!), so I couldn't be present much for all of you.

But guess what? I have recently signed up for the second collection at Starlight Exclusives! It will be for this Winter. The big news is that this time a theme has been set, to make sure ALL the exclusive items from ALL the designers involved will nicely blend together under the same roof.
The theme is Cocktail Hour!
Couldn't it be better for such a maniac of 'chic' as myself? I can already guess we'll see some very interesting things this November ;)

While I have already started working on the concept of my new exclusive cocktail outfit, I thought I'd do something nice for eveyone and I LOWERED THE PRICE ON MY FALL SEASON EXCLUSIVE DRESS!
It is now over 30% OFF, in preparation for the new collection!

Make sure to visit Starlight Exclusives boutique! [TP TO STARLIGHT EXCLUSIVES].




New design out on my walls!
This dreamy dress is very different from my usual releases, and it's dedicated to an SL friend and fellow designer.
Amutey DeCuir, owner of Bliss Couture, has been a dear friend for a long time, and when I saw the gown she made for Starlight Exclusives I absolutely loved the primwork on the skirt.
I wanted to make something similar, soft, airy and chic at the same time.
That's how I came up with this cute dress with a LOAD of prims flowing gently in the air.
The skirt is not too long while it sits quite high on the waist line. It is made up of three pieces to follow your legs while dancing and ensure a perfect coverage.
The top has a vaporous attachment, as well, going all around the breasts and shoulders.
A pair of sheer gloves is included.

The dresses are transferable, as all my items. The whole collection (six different colours) can also be purchased in a convenient pack to save over 40%.
Top and pants come on all layers.
The whole outfit is quite laggy, or better: although there are gowns or even single hair styles that have a higher rendering cost, this dress surely has a higher ARC than any of my other items. Should this be a problem, the ARC value can be lowered a bit if the central skirt attachment is detached, and/or by detaching the sleeves attachments. These changes don't alter the ensemble too much and will lower the ARC of about 1 third.


Hope you like them:)

Photo credits:


Starlight Exclusives: behind the scenes

The time has come to write something about Starlight Exclusives design I baked for this first fall season.

When Rubystarlight Writer, founder and CEO of Starlight Exclusives, contacted me this summer, I felt so honoured that I was given the chance to be one of the few creators selected to make exclusives items to sell at her awesome new boutique.

So, this first exclusive outfit is inspired by fall season.
Here in Italy, fall means a lot of things: leaves start falling, the air gets cooler, days get shorter...
But one particular event that is very strictly related to autumn in this region is the collecting and selling of grapes.
This is what I thought as I was looking for a theme for my design. I thought that instead of focusing on the leaves or on the cold weather, I would let vintage be the protagonist.

Grapes and wine suggested me one main idea of joy, merriment... and folly, the happy folly that arises in you when you have good wine during a nice dinner with friends.
It is not a secret that I have been experimenting with very dangerous leg showing and wild, uneven skirts... so I restored the burlesque atmosphere I had created with my Queue de Paon and rivisited the style to make it fit autumn.
I wouldn't say I made it a Victorian outfit (far from that), but I tried to give it a retro look: something between a witch outfit and a courtesan robe. Both these figures have some folly in them, I thought. A witch is an evil and rather twisted lady, while courtesans... well, I bet they used to have quite a lot of wine:)

As my usual, I went with more than one colour option.
A ruby red version was necessary, since wine -and, to me, wine is mainly RED WINE- had been the starter of all my inspiration.
Then, well, what would fall be without falling leaves? I called my fallen leaves version "Sunset", thinking sunset is that moment in the life of a leaf, while it flows down slowly towards its 'death' when meeting the ground.
The last colour is there to represent the cool air, the windy days that take summer away and clear the way for winter.

This is what was buzzing in Clio's head as she was drawing and arranging prims around her waist, chest and head. I hope people will be able to catch some of the meaning of the whole dress even without reading these words... but maybe they'd need to be as crazy as me for that, and I don't really wish that to anyone (lol).

Oh... I was about to forget!
Stay tuned for my new release coming this weekend!!! Dedicated to a friend:)
Many hugs and best wishes for a lovely day!

Photo credits (Starlight Exclusives):

Photo credits (Coco preview):


Sabina in Lilac for Sweethearts Jazz!

Hello dears!
I have a new and special release waiting for you!
It's a recolouring I did of one of my latest (and favourite) designs: the Sabina Gown.
Since when I release Sabina I only offered dark and rich colours, I decided that I would add an extra tone for those of you who like light and delicate hues :)

100% hand drawn and fully transferable for gifting ;)



Autumn : Fall design!

(photo by Elysium Elide)
Starlight Exclusives is finally open!!!
[TP to the boutique]

This is the dress I created!
It has a large, uneven flexi skirt over a tight and sexy corset.
The skirt can be resized 8while the other attachments and modificable.
Transferrable! Makes a great gift ;)

As you see, it's in 3 different colours, inspired by 3 different autumn themes.
I will tell you more about it one of these days (when I have more time to go through the whole inspiration story hehe).

Meanwhile, follow my advice to go visit the shop, cause it's full of creations from many great designers!



Launch of Starlight Exclusives... this Sunday!

The date has finally arrived!
In less than 48 hours, Starlight models will be showing off the items created by 17 different SL designers exclusively for Starlight Exclusives boutique! And I'm one of those designers! Woot!

There will be no peaking of what I made before the big show on Sunday, so make sure to come there if you want to see it! Or just visit the shop once it opens to public ;)
Click to TP to ICON Lifestyle SIM, where the shop is hosted.

I really hope to be able to be at the show... can't wait to see what my fellow creators have designed!




Starlight Exclusives!

You see my logo among those?
Sure you do, cause I had the honour to be selected as one of the creators of the items selling at Starlight Exclusives!

What is Starlight Exclusives?
Starting from August 30th, it will be an upscale boutique selling the creations of many different SL designers.
We were asked by Rubystarlight Writer, owner of Starlight Exclusives, to create a fall-inspired outfit to be sold only at her boutique until the end of the project -next year.
New designs will be introduced in the boutique every season.

Stay tuned for news about the kickoff of this awesome boutique and to see my fall - inspired creation :)



Swim suit for the day, gown for the night...

Finally a release after so many months!
I swear, I felt very bad not having time to create... but if RL needs me, I need to be in RL... so, well, let's not cry too much over the many many weeks passed with not a single release :)

This new one I have designed comes from an idea I've had since spring. I wanted to make a swim suit that could also be "turned into" a gown, adding a large skirt.
So, well, here it comes!
The top is on both shirt and jacket layers to fight the horrible shirt/pants bug we still have.
And for the gown version I changed the swimsuit bottom into a pair of glitch pants.
As you can see from the colours, I was really in the need for some summer :) Seven flashy and vibrant colours. I had a lot of fun putting them together, and I hope people will have fun wearing them :D

These new releases are out at my Main Store on Sunrise Island, where they will be 50% off for this first weekend.
The items are also available at my kiosk at Sweetheart Jazz Club!!!

Happy summer!

Also seen at One Thing at a Time.

Photo credits:


Sale & Hunt @Fusion SIMs ... & preview!

After a long long RL break, I am quickly steping back into SL! (did you miss me? lol)

First of all let me share with everyone the notice about a Sale and Hunt that is STILL going on until this weekend on Fusion SIMs! These SIMs are home to loads of cool shops, and have just opened! For this event, most stores are participating to a hunt and are having sales at their Fusion location!

I have my gift out in my shop on Fusion Grove (TP here) inside a steaming hot dog (lol) and a few selected items are marked 50% OFF! Hurry up before the event is over!

Then... tiny bit of news is I have a new release coming!
Here is a tiny sneaky preview hehe, as already posted on plurk some time ago.
I will be placing it out in my main store AND on my kiosk at Sweetheart Jazz Club starting from the 8th of August ;) Stay tuned!

Many huggs :-*


RFL Awareness day!

Hey hey folks!

Today is RFL Awareness day, and we wear purple to show support to RFL.
Well, I decided I would help out a bit, too, and placed my Magnete Gown in Purple in an RFL vendor at my main store. Until tomorrow it will be out for 100L$, with all proceeds going to RFL.

Stop by to grab it and show off your support for a good cause;)



Last days of group&picks gift!

Hey hey folks :)
I am sorry I am being absent all the time... but RL calls and I can't pretend I can't hear!

So, well, while I let you wait for some new releases that should come some time in July (probably around the middle of the month... I already know I will be busy for the first entire week) I wanted to remind you about the gift I placed in my store some weeks ago.
It is free for subscribers and for group members who added my store to their profile. Beware that for the 2 'categories' of people there are 2 different vendors, both located at the centre of my store. Just read the text on the vendor itself to se if it's the one for group or the one for subscribers :) -the gift is exactly the same for the 2 anyways.
I will leave these vendors rezzed in my store for another few days. On Monday, I will get them offline, until I have a new gift ready. If you haven't taken them yet, make sure you do! :D

Also, don't forget about Midsummer Amusements finally at my main store (woot!) and about FDC photocontest, still running for another week!



Midsummer Amusements in store!

Hello folks!
Just a quick post to let you all know that my Fashion Designers' Challenge outfits have been moved to my main store! Now you can find them there, with my entire collection. I will be talking to Mouse to check if she can have a vendor of her jewelry there, as well!

THEEEEN, do NOT forget about FDC Photo contest! It's still running, and as I already said: the prize is a huge bag full of FDC creations! Don't miss the chance to win!
For more info, read FDC blog ;)
And if you want to browse through all Fashion Designers' Challenge items and choose the best for your photos, you can buy this photobook for 0L$.

Have fun!


Mech Angel by Danielle Harrop

My, my!
Isn't this outfit interesting and definitely out of ordinary?
"Mech Angel" is the outfit Danielle Harrop has created for Fashion Designers' Challenge!
She was challenged by Shir Dryke to make an outfit inspired by a Mecha Angel.
I guess I might share what Danielle told me: she had to google those words to actually grasp what Shir might have meant with the string "Mecha Angel"... and if I have to be completely honest, I would have googled it too!
From the net, you can find loads of images of mecha angels being cyber-like creatures with wings... kind of futuristic angel figures (although... ehm... I doubt they are supposed to be 'nice people' :)).

And well, I think that despite her initial doubts, Danielle came out with a very cool tiny outfit that really matches the requirements!

The cloths are all made up of micro chips and computer-like components, giving a very robotic look.
For the wings, Danielle chose a sheer squared pattern, that is also on the little skirt. The overall result is something between a cyber warrior and a sweet fairy... which afterall makes sense. It had to be an angel, and I do expect something sweet and delicate when talking about angels.

As for all the other FDC items, you can pick it up at one of the FDC stores (Road to OZ, Sn@tch City) until the 16th of May... and at Danielle's mainstore after that date:)

Oh! I am such a mess!
I was about to forget a GREAT news about Fashion Designers Challenge!
We are having a PHOTO CONTEST! Wooot!
The prize is a huge giftbag with loads of FDC items! For more information, read here!

Congratulations to Danielle for her challenge's outcome ;)


Photo credits:


Midsummer... Amusements!

I am SO late posting this, but YES! Fashion Designers' Challenge items are finally out!

And after the teasers I had published in the past, here are the actual dresses!
As my usual, I have made more than 1 colour for the outfit, and I also came up with a long and large gown to fully match Mouse Mimistrobell's jewelry (the cute necklace she made would have disappeared inside the ruffles with the original version!).

This time again, I made the gowns available on all possible layers, and the skirt inside is scripted to allow resizing (thank you Wietze Cassini for the script:)).

BUT, before I go on giving more 'practical' information on where to get the items (which are not yet in my main store), let me share with you WHY in the world I had to make such a silly gown!
It's all Samsara's fault! LOL.
Not only cause she was the one dragging me in this awesome event that has been FDC, but also because I was challenged by the very Samsara Nishi to:
"Whenever we are too stressed, laugh is always a good way to dismiss the stress out! I guess the clown is the most primitive and universal profession that uses laugh as the main tool to make his work happen.

I cut & pasted this from wikipedia: "Clowns are found in cultures of any time and place, because they meet some deeply rooted needs in humanity: violation of taboos, the mockery of sacred and profane authorities and symbols, reversal of language and action."

I challenge you to create a fancy and elegant clown costume. With just some few changes, your creation should adapt itself to at least those 2 different situations: a professional clown wearing it to perform his job; and also to a fancy fashionista wearing it to go to a red capet party.

I wish you will have fun creating it !! "

So, I had to make something that could suit both a circus AND a red carpet!
I don't really know if everyone will approve my final outcome, but I was very glad to see Samsara herself liked it :) (plus, Mouse kept encouraging me that I was doing good... so I have overcome my first doubts ;)).

While I had to work on this clowny/funny challenge, Mouse had her own job to do! She had to create a set of jewelry inspired by "A Midsummer Night's Dream" of Shakespeare.
She obviously did it magnificently! I think the flowers shout out "MIDSUMMER!" and their colours have something dreamy about it... what best could she come out with! :D

So, well, right now the items created by Mouse and me, and by the other 33 brave designers who took part in the challenge are all exposed at the 2 FDC stores (TP to FDC at Road to Oz or to FDC at Sn@tch City).
After the final show, on May 16th 6 PM SL time, at Patch Thibaud Auditorium (where you are ALL invited!), we will take down the 'community stores' and the creations will be available at each Main Store:)

I have to thank Samsara once again for organising all this, and hug tight Mouse for being such a wonderful teammate who made the whole process a real pleasure :-*

Do visit the store to see what everyone else made!


Photo credits:

  • Jewelry Set -headpiece included- by Dark Mouse (Midsummer Amusements);
  • Skin by PXL Creations (Grace Fair);
  • Hair by ETD (Roslin);
  • Shoes by: Maitreya (Dreamy Blue photos - Slinky Stiletto) and Shiny Things (Juicy Orange photos - Classics);
  • Poses by Grapevine.


Sleek and sweet!

It's finally out!
You saw a preview of it, and now I finally managed to hang it out on my walls:)
The 7 available colours are shown on the poster above. I added Wietse Cassini's resizer script in the skirts, so that you will be able to modify the attachments even without mod permissions (cause yeah, I am stuck on my no-mod policy...).

ALL the colours are 50% OFF until Monday!
Hurry up! They're at my MAIN STORE :)

Another bit of news is:
I am starting to recolour white and script with a resizer my old items.
I have quite a few items, so I will be upgrading a few boxes at a time... and I am adding a stripe of text under the vendors, saying "These gowns have a resize script inside..." (so you will know which groups of vendors were updated).
I have already done the Queue de Paon items, the Loredana Gown, and the Gwen gowns, and expect to have a few more done over the weekend. I will post news here, on my blog!


Photo credits:

  • skin by PXL Grace FAIR with all colours but the gold one which is Grace Deep Tan;
  • hair by House of Heart - Baby;
  • poses by Storin (shots of the purple gown), [LAP] (shots of the rose gown), *AnaLu Fresh poses* (shots of all the rest);
  • jewelry by Alienbear - Oriental Spring lu shui Necklace;
  • shoes by Maitreya - Slinky Stiletto.


Coming this weekend:)

As I said: this weekend! Not YET!
But since I was taking pictures for the vendor-posters, I decided I'd share them with you a little earlier than the actual release.
I absolutely love this shot! I look adorable!

The gown is sleeky, sexy (deep split hehe), and fully hand drawn. It has a long train in the back and top&pants available on all layers.

7 colours will be available! It will be available HERE by Saturday :)

Hope you like it ;)


Photo credit:

  • skin by PXL;
  • pose by AnaLu Fresh Poses;
  • hair by House of Heart;
  • jewelry by Alienbear.


Fashion Designers Challenge is approaching!

Today is the deadline!

The 35 brave designers who accepted the challenge are finally ready to pack their efforts in the final outfits/jewels/shoes/hair/skins!
Multiple categories, team work and a lot of fun!
The Fashion Designers Challenge was born from an idea of Samsara Nishi, who sent out invites to take part to this HIGHLY unusual event:)

You can read more about it on the official FDC blog.

All the items are to be released on the 5th of May, with a pre-launch (for press and bloggers) on the 30th of April! That's soon!
And I can assure you there will be loads to see and tons to be surprised of!

A big thank to Samsara for letting me be a part of this, and to Mouse Mimistrobell, who has been a splendid team-mate!
Stay tune to see the actual outcome of what Mouse and I had to create ;)



RFL Clothing fair, photocontest and my "specials" :)

It's been running for a few days, already, but my RL has been so filled with loads of to-do's that I didn't even have the time to write about it...
What am I talking about?

Of course I am telling you about the RFL Clothing Fair!
For this 2009 edition they have 8 Sims filled with loads of designers' clothes. All to raise money towards a goal of 4,5 Millions L$, which is what last year's Fair managed to raise.

For more information you can visit RFL Clothing Fair blog, where they will be a better job than me at updating (sorry... RL kills me...).
Also be aware of the still running photo-contest!

Before I dive back into RL, let me share with you my 2 RFL specials, which are being sold with 100% of the funds going to RFL :) You can find them here.



YES! To Pink Shirt day!

So, I finally managed to get my hands on PC and uploaded a pink tank top I am having free in my store for a few days.
Why this shirt?
Because of the Pink Shirt day campaign, which is an RL campaign against bullying. The Pink Shirt day in RL is on the 25th of February, but it looks like it spread a bit later on SL.
Today there was a lot of noise about it on Plurk. Many posts were shared (Berry and many others...) originating from Lawless' post on Pink Shirt Day.

It is a bit late, but I think the message should be sent out, and it doesn't matter if SL's Pink Shirt day is going to be the 9th of March, as far as we speak up:)



Romance & Silk

Loads of softness, silk, and beauty.
Marguerite is the gown to look unique, sensual, and absolutely elegant.
I see it as a 2009 Jacqueline. A gown that can be worn in thousands of different occasions, from formal events, to special nights with a significant other:)

The skirt has a long train in the back. The gown has a bare back and a very high neck line.
100% hand drawn, as always;)

I have made top and pants available on all possible layers, to wear them with something over the gown or with tattoos underneath... well, whatever you need :)

There are 7 colours available. Each item is transferable and is a good way of gifting ;)

The Pink Gown and the Full Collection with all the colours boxed inside are 50% OFF till Monday 16th! Get them before the offer is over!
You can find them HERE.

Hope you like them:)


Photo credits:

  • skin by Fleur;
  • hair by Exile.


I can already smell spring...

My first sculpted skirt! (well, apart from the super tiny Fernanda attachment ^^).

I have stepped back from my crazy and dark experimenting for this time, and made some cute and flowery spring dress.... afterall, spring is coming soon! :)

I wanted to make the dress using a sculpted skirt... and I ended up with this very simple design for it. I am quite happy of how it turned out, and hope you will be, too:)

I made 6 colours that are already for sale here, and the 7th colour (lilac) is reserved for RFL. I will have it as an RFL fund raiser, and it will ONLY be available through RFL till after RFL season is over :)

Hope you had a great Sunday:)


Photo credits:

  • skin by PXL Creations;
  • hair by Truth;
  • (tiny earrings by Flirt:))


I feel like I went goth!

Here's a new ballgown with a gothic taste!

I don't know what it is about these new lines I am releasing lately, but they seem to be gong more and more dark.
After the misterious and burlesque Queue de Paon, here comes another gown in very rich and dark colours.
I made 7 different options, again, and they are transferable with top & pants on all layers, as my usual (at least lately :D).

I was playing around with the prim skirt of this gown and was still clueless about what textures to use for it... then this whole "dark" idea came along, I tried it... and it worked out absolutely full of personality ;) (at least in my opinion).

The gown looks like a mixture between a bird and a dark princess... I was almost going to find some complicated name for it, but in the end I called it Diane :)

(the Steel version, first one following here, is 50% OFF till Monday! Full Collection pack, as well!)

Available at my main store :)


Photo credits:

  • skin worn from PXL Creations;
  • hair from Truth.