Golden eggs hunt and RFL at main store

Hello dears :)
While slowly working to bring some more releases, I wanted to let you know about an event starting tomorrow (April 1st) that will go on for the entire month!
It's the Golden Eggs Hunt, at Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge.
Visit the club for a nice dance, good shopping... and a fun hunt with 34 golden eggs hidden throughout the entire SIM.
My contributions: Fernanda Amber Dress and Jacqueline Black&White Gown!

Other info: My RFL items are finally available at my main store!

Stay tuned for news!

Golden Egg Hunt seen on Karla Scorbal's blog.


Special for Saint Patrick's day!

As a friend of mine posted on facebook: "We're all Irish on March 17th".
Lol, well, dedicated to all who are celebrating today: a special recolouring of my Astrid Gown.
It's NO transfer ONLY, but priced down to 100L$.
Come get it at my main store! :D

Also, don't forget about the Clothing Fair, still going on!
There is also an awesome Photo contest you can join!
Here's the text about it straight from the notecard:

"The RFL Fundraising season is now on its way.  This gives us an opportunity to have an amazing fundraiser as part of the fair .

So...Its time for the 2nd annual Clothing Fair RFL Photo contest!

Category name: RFL exclusive style (both categories: Male and Female)

Goal: Mix and Match the exclusive items available from the  RFL-kiosks during RFL Clothing Fair to create a composite style.
Each Item must be purchased from the fair.
The look must include items from at least 3 different designers.
The person must add on the description of the photo the reference of store name and item name for each RFL-item that comprise the final look, so other people can buy them if they wish  have the same look.
Theme must be considered in each photo - Theme this year is " Fashion Cities of the World"
Mix and Match

Prizes will be given to the Best Male and Best Female COMPOSITE. This event is sponsored by the designers of the fair and Glitterati. Each winner will recieve a 5000L gift card to Glitterati and  a wonderful gift bag from the designers.

Just some basic rules to remember...1. all photos must be PG rated...absolutely NO nudity...2. May be post processed. We want your best work ... .3. Focus of the photo must be a of RFL outfits purchased at the fair...4. No more then three entries  per person...5.Have fun!

All Entries must be uploaded to : http://www.flickr.com/groups/2010_cf_photocontest/

Contest Runs from 3pm slt March 13, 2010 till 1pm slt March 21, 2010 .  Winners will be announced at the closing party at the Clothing fair. Party is from  6pm-8pm  slt on March 21 on the Entertainment sim at the Fair. "

And: my HUGE formals' sale is still running, too :)

A big hug to everyone!

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Seen on Around the Grid.


    RFL Clothing Fair is starting NOW!

    Woooot, RFL Clothing Fair is now officially OPEN to public!!!
    Yessss, and I am on MILAN SIM!!!
    That's right! This year the theme of the fair is "Fashion Cities in the world", thus the 8 SIms hosting the designers' stores have been built inspired by 8 great fashion cities.
    For this year's fair, I created 4 recolourings of 2 dresses from last year and 2 from the Papillon collection!
    Here they are:

    All money raised through these 4 vendors will go straight to RFL! Let's make this a big relay year!

    And don't forget to pop at the stores of so many other designers who created their own RFL specials!


    PS: The Loredana Gown has been covered by Gidge Uriza on Secont Style.

    Glamorous Astrid Gown

    New soft and glamorous gown out!!!
    Astrid is another release under the Papillon line.
    The gown has a large, flowy skirt with a long train in the back.
    Wet and shiny textures in vibrant colours.
    There are 6 different versions available, all with different colour combinations.
    You can buy them as COPY-NO TRANSFER, as well as the usual NO COPY-TRANSFER!
    50% OFF until Monday!
    Both can be find at my main store [TP from here].
    OR buy them online from XstreetSL®: just click on the pictures to be redirected to the XstreetSL listing :)   

    Come get them!
    [TP to store]
    This time, to model I used RubyStarlight's Exposeur poses! They're brand new! SLURL posted below :)

    And also... start the engines for the Clothing Fair!!! It's going to be open to public TONIGHT! At noon SLtime: rendez vouz at the entertainment SIM for prelaunch party... and at 3PM SL time: official kickoff!!!


    Photo credits:

    Seen on Opium blog.


    10L-dollarbie out for International Women's Day!

    Happy International's Women Day to all the ladies!
    Guess what?
    I have a special offer out! It's an outfit put together with the items I created for the Fashion Designers' Challenge (last year) mixing top and bottom of the Juicy Orange version.
    I have it out for 10L$ just for today, in the freebies' section in my store.
    Plus, don't forget the HUGE formals' sale is still going on! All NO transfer formals are 50 to 60% OFF!


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