I feel like I went goth!

Here's a new ballgown with a gothic taste!

I don't know what it is about these new lines I am releasing lately, but they seem to be gong more and more dark.
After the misterious and burlesque Queue de Paon, here comes another gown in very rich and dark colours.
I made 7 different options, again, and they are transferable with top & pants on all layers, as my usual (at least lately :D).

I was playing around with the prim skirt of this gown and was still clueless about what textures to use for it... then this whole "dark" idea came along, I tried it... and it worked out absolutely full of personality ;) (at least in my opinion).

The gown looks like a mixture between a bird and a dark princess... I was almost going to find some complicated name for it, but in the end I called it Diane :)

(the Steel version, first one following here, is 50% OFF till Monday! Full Collection pack, as well!)

Available at my main store :)


Photo credits:

  • skin worn from PXL Creations;
  • hair from Truth.


MODA Spotlight 2009

Here's the link for the 2009 MODA Spotlight event featuring Clio!!!
A big "Thank you" to MODA for having me back this year.... hopefully I will see them again one year from now:)

MODA Spotlight 2009


Queue de Paon... Gown!

Hello dears:)

Yesterday night I had a Spotlight with MODA (which I will be sharing a link to, as soon as the podcast will be available) and I introduced a new design during the show!
It is a less 'crazy' version of the Queue de Paon Tail-Outfit. While the Tail-Outfit is nearly burlesque (and here I have to thank one of my customers for this definition!) this new option is a ballgown 100%.
It still follows the original outfit's inspirational idea, so it is a concentration of vanity, elegance and unicity, but it can be worn a lot more easily :)

It is available here :)

Here are all the colours:

As always, I have my introductory offer (this time, it lasts an entire week!).
And as always, the dresses come with top and pants on all layers and are TRANSFERABLE :)

Hope you like them!


Photo credits:

  • skin from PXL
  • hair from Truth


Peacock Tail... to be unique!

Yes, girls, I am speeding on the daring highway, leading towards super-sexy!
I am loving outfits that show bare legs, so here is another very revealing and very fashionable item from my clothing line.
A second version with 'closed' skirt will be available in a few days, but meanwhile I released the sexy one ;)

I still like to consider it a formal gown, although it is clearly not the average evening dress.
It can be a wild cocktail dress or a provocative night gown... the choice is yours!
It will certainly not pass by unnoticed ;)

I made 7 colours and once again made top and pants available on all layers.
The dresses are all transferable (hehe, guess what? It's Valentine's Day!!! ;)) and I marked the Blue and the Colours Pack (all 7 colours!) down to 50% OFF for the whole weekend!

Here are the single colours:

(100% hand drawn, prims placed manually one by one)

Have a nice & naughty Valentine's Day, everyone!

Pictures credits:

  • skin by PXL Creations
  • hair by Truth
  • shoes by Maitreya.


Classy and revealing: Loredana

New sassy and formal gown!
This design comes from the many MANY dresses I have seen in videos, magazines and store windows all with a very high front cut, or anyways with very obvious 'legs-displaying'. So, after my dear Gwen, here comes a more 'classy' design.

The textures are as always 100% drawn by me, and I took care of making this dress as real as I could... zoom in on your seams and you can nearly see the stitching:)

The skirt is VERY large and has a second layer of sheer silvery material, to shake up the ensemble, and to still maintain some kind of "castity" to this daring design, as the reasonable neckline and the long gloves do.

I made 7 different colours for this dress. Top and pants are on all layers, and it is transferable, as all my dresses:)

Available at my main store.

Pictures credit:

  • skin from PXL;
  • hair from ETD;
  • shoes from Maitreya.