30% OFF on Fall Starlight Exclusive Item!

Yes, my lovelies, I am not dead!

I have had some problems logging in due to an RL change of location (with all the mess this implies when we talk of an internet connection!), so I couldn't be present much for all of you.

But guess what? I have recently signed up for the second collection at Starlight Exclusives! It will be for this Winter. The big news is that this time a theme has been set, to make sure ALL the exclusive items from ALL the designers involved will nicely blend together under the same roof.
The theme is Cocktail Hour!
Couldn't it be better for such a maniac of 'chic' as myself? I can already guess we'll see some very interesting things this November ;)

While I have already started working on the concept of my new exclusive cocktail outfit, I thought I'd do something nice for eveyone and I LOWERED THE PRICE ON MY FALL SEASON EXCLUSIVE DRESS!
It is now over 30% OFF, in preparation for the new collection!

Make sure to visit Starlight Exclusives boutique! [TP TO STARLIGHT EXCLUSIVES].