It's Marion, not Marian!

Yes, it's definitely not maid Marian from out dear Robin Hood tale, although she could quite easily 'fit' a wood :)
This new cocktail dress has sleeveless top and a large and full prim skirt made of sculpted panels plus flexi panels that give some movement.

Textures are 100% hand drawn from scratch by me.
I put a resizer script in the skirt, so you can fit it to your own figure and delete the script once you're done:)
The outfit comes in 6 different colours and both as copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy.

Where to get it? Either [TP to my main store] or just click on the posters to be redirected to the Marketplace listing and buy online!

Also seen on Blissimo.



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Christine enchantment

Hello dears!
I have newness! And it comes as a large and flexi formal gown.
The skirt is super rich and full of layers. The top has a hand drawn pattern over a sheer bodice.
The skirt has a semitransparent overlayer over the skirt of a different colour.
As always, the dress has been completely hand drawn by me, and the prims arranged one by one.
It comes in 6 different colours, and both as copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy.
There is also a DEMO in store, if you want to try it on:)
[TP to main store] or click on the pictures to be redirected to the Marketplace listings and purchase online :)

Also seen on One Thing At A Time and Blissimo.