Pink Shirt Day 2010

Just like last year, this year again I have decided to place out a pink special item to support the Pink Shirt Day campaign to fight bullying.
This time I went for an entire outfit: pink from head to toe!
Sabina Gown in special pink colour for Pink Shirt Day 2010 will only be available until the end of tomorrow!

For more information about the campaign, here are some SL and RL sites that explain better why to wear pink:
Essence of SL
ICON Lifestyle

With love,

Photo credits:
  • skin by [PXL Creations];
  • hair by Exile;
  • pose by Flowey;
  • shoes by Blaze.


Cousins... but not blood cousins...

Holà holà people!
Did you forget about me? Maybe, since I drop dead every few weeks (lol).
Well, rest assured: I'm still alive... working on a few things... a project together with other designers, and the revision of an old dress that I didn't make 'good enough' back in 2008.
But while I am lazily working on those things, Miss Smart Ass (cet à dire moi... yes, that's been my plurk name for a while... so I kind of got the 'smart ass' label now lol) has also been having some fun *smirks*.
Particularly, today I got an offline from my 'ass cousin', the lovely Summer Wardhani (also known as Miss Cutie Ass... LOL) asking me to log on and meet her barefoot and wearing a bikini... now, she must have hired some stalker, or how would she know I had been wearing an old bikini and no shoes for my last TOT days in SL?
Mistery... LOL.
Anyways I did go to her, and was half surprised and half cracking up when I found out why she wanted me there in such a mise: she had planned a photoshooting session to finally officialise us being Ass Cousins! LMAO!
She's a super creative photographer, methinks... one that thinks about the shots and adds details here and there to give that extra character to the picture. And I was very glad she hosted me in her cute studio and had me (well, my butt, really) modelling for her :D
Anyways, I obviously decided to change my bikini and wear a thong (yanno... smart asses are smart ;)) so I went on, changed... took my pictures as she was taking hers... and then when she showed me her lovely work, I was like "wait a minnit.... where's my thong?" LOL.
Evidently in her viewer I kept on the same bikini for the whole time. So here I decided to show you a sample of the pictures SHE took and one of the pictures I took. Summer was such a cutie as to edit my shots a bit cause lazy-ass me wouldn't be able to do it as quickly! LOL.
Here we are: 2 ass cousins in silly poses. Yes, I am the shocked one on the right that changes bikini! LOL.

Oh, before I forget, let me remind you all that the HUGE formals' sale is still UP!
Yes, I decided to keep it going some more time, at least until I have some new releases :) So you know you have one tiny reason to come by if you want to grab some of my formals at half price or less ;)

Other tiny bit of news: I have started (only for 3 collections so far) to add my items to slapt.me. It's a new site to buy SL products online, with easy and free registration! You might want to check it out!

Last but not least, remember the RFL campaign is still going on until July! My special RFL items are located at my main store, both near the landind point and at my formals' session.  They will ONLY be for sale for this year's RFL, so once they're gone, they're gone :)

Pffft, while I tell you this, my ass cousin left me standing there all by myself... bah, family! LOL.
... yeah, I was a bit disappointed in the end! *giggles*

Stay tuned, more news coming up!