RFL Clothing fair, photocontest and my "specials" :)

It's been running for a few days, already, but my RL has been so filled with loads of to-do's that I didn't even have the time to write about it...
What am I talking about?

Of course I am telling you about the RFL Clothing Fair!
For this 2009 edition they have 8 Sims filled with loads of designers' clothes. All to raise money towards a goal of 4,5 Millions L$, which is what last year's Fair managed to raise.

For more information you can visit RFL Clothing Fair blog, where they will be a better job than me at updating (sorry... RL kills me...).
Also be aware of the still running photo-contest!

Before I dive back into RL, let me share with you my 2 RFL specials, which are being sold with 100% of the funds going to RFL :) You can find them here.



YES! To Pink Shirt day!

So, I finally managed to get my hands on PC and uploaded a pink tank top I am having free in my store for a few days.
Why this shirt?
Because of the Pink Shirt day campaign, which is an RL campaign against bullying. The Pink Shirt day in RL is on the 25th of February, but it looks like it spread a bit later on SL.
Today there was a lot of noise about it on Plurk. Many posts were shared (Berry and many others...) originating from Lawless' post on Pink Shirt Day.

It is a bit late, but I think the message should be sent out, and it doesn't matter if SL's Pink Shirt day is going to be the 9th of March, as far as we speak up:)



Romance & Silk

Loads of softness, silk, and beauty.
Marguerite is the gown to look unique, sensual, and absolutely elegant.
I see it as a 2009 Jacqueline. A gown that can be worn in thousands of different occasions, from formal events, to special nights with a significant other:)

The skirt has a long train in the back. The gown has a bare back and a very high neck line.
100% hand drawn, as always;)

I have made top and pants available on all possible layers, to wear them with something over the gown or with tattoos underneath... well, whatever you need :)

There are 7 colours available. Each item is transferable and is a good way of gifting ;)

The Pink Gown and the Full Collection with all the colours boxed inside are 50% OFF till Monday 16th! Get them before the offer is over!
You can find them HERE.

Hope you like them:)


Photo credits:

  • skin by Fleur;
  • hair by Exile.


I can already smell spring...

My first sculpted skirt! (well, apart from the super tiny Fernanda attachment ^^).

I have stepped back from my crazy and dark experimenting for this time, and made some cute and flowery spring dress.... afterall, spring is coming soon! :)

I wanted to make the dress using a sculpted skirt... and I ended up with this very simple design for it. I am quite happy of how it turned out, and hope you will be, too:)

I made 6 colours that are already for sale here, and the 7th colour (lilac) is reserved for RFL. I will have it as an RFL fund raiser, and it will ONLY be available through RFL till after RFL season is over :)

Hope you had a great Sunday:)


Photo credits:

  • skin by PXL Creations;
  • hair by Truth;
  • (tiny earrings by Flirt:))