Clio & Sams cross-wearing Black Swan creations!

People, let me show you what came out from a very funny and (at least for me) unusual photosession I had with Samsara Nishi, of Sams Secret Boutique ;)
We got the idea from a post by Ivalde designer, Neferia Abel (see it here), where she and caLLie cLine cross-wore their Black Swan creations...
So we thought "wow, that seems like something nice and funny to do!" and here are the shots I was able to take on that day ;)
I am wearing Sams Secret Boutique Lava Dress, in the 3 different lengths Samsara made for it.
Plus the skin you see on me is Tuli's Fire skin for Black Swan in fair tone (<-- awesome!) :)Hehe... in this shot Sams said I was flirting with the angel.... you know: I was wearing the 'light' version of her lava dress, and got flirty ;)

Here's my friend wearing my Embrace Darkness... isn't she malicious in that smile? I absolutely had to take a picture :)
Then lol... crazy shot!
2 ladies wearing formal dresses shouldn't be dancing like that! Not in public, at least! haha, but we had to start our delirium somewhere, right? And a dance on the catwalk seemed the most natural thing to do ;)
The one I am wearing in this funny shot is the version I prefer from Samsara's Lava Dress: sheer. VEEERY sexy ;)
Woot at this shot... I complimented with myself lol.
Looks like we're 2 dangerous warrior princesses, or anyways 2 gals you would keep at a distance from... we heard a noise and we're scaping the darkness, looking for the disturber.... run if you can! Muahahaha.
And last but not least: me as a lava princess!
I was still looking for the courage to get in the pool... don't worry, I did, and I can prove it! Check out the shots I flickred, and you'll get some more pictures from our shared-trip :)
Samsara blogged about this, too, and added her own shots!

Plus, there are some nice things to check out on rezzable.com, one of which is a super-duper video of the show, where you can briefly see the creations from ALL the Black Swan designers (GREAT video!), and my dress and Samsara's blogged together by Adaire Decuir!

All the dresses you see us wearing will be available at the Black Swan until the 30th of September, and at our main stores after that date :D
Hope you liked the little reportage, hehe.

Lovable hugs!


New show at the Black Swan!

Due to the awesome success of the first big Black Swan show.... here comes a second one!
It's an extra show planned for those who couldn't attend the first show on the 15th (like me... sob).

Hope to see you all there! And hope to be able to get to the show, too, this time... so I will have some pictures to post here for you!

Besides, Rezzable has started a photocontest for the Black Swan, with prices for the best shots taken on the SIM. You can find all the information about it here!



Embrace Gown: let me talk to you about it:)

As I saw Samsara Nishi did this for her great Lava dress, I am adding a few words on why 'embrace'? what does this gown mean to me?
Well, the designs we (me and 20 or so other VERY talented designers) presented for this event have all been inspired by the Black Swan. Wonderful and absolutely *different* sim.
Those of you who know me most likely also know I am a very troubled creator... I get inspired by totally random things, I suffer from lack of creativity at times (and feels AWFUL!), I always find a defect in the making of most of my crazy ideas...
So I am very slow when it comes to making something new. I start thinking what I want to come up with, start experimenting for the prims... then when I find an interesting and well-made prim shape I like, I go with textures.

Now, being picky as I am, I often stop designs even at their very first steps... cause I just KNOW the prim skirt won't look good enough while walking, the textures will not render it too good... and who knows what else lol!

So this time I said to myself: Clio, go on that SIM! And find something that strikes you!

I did... teleported over, got the pass device, had a flight all over the place.
There's tons, millions, zillions of inspiring, weird, halucinogenic (is that even a word? lol) things on the Black Swan. I could go with those lights that circle around right over the water's surface, the lava lake, the ballerina, the baby in the egg (which kind of scares me, honestly), the see through figures of dolphins and birds that look like a dream or a mirage....
I swear, I kept asking myself what to pick!

All those things just reminded me of too many colours, too many shapes that were already 'decided' for them (eg: if I decided to make a lava dress, I would have probably made it red... cause that's what lava would be to me! ... while Samsara managed to give it a much deeper thought).

Till after around 30 minutes of desperate flight around the island, looking for something that could really shake me, I bumped in the 2 giants holding each others.

They are so big, so tall in the exact centre of the SIM that I hadn't even noticed them at the beginning.
A man and a woman together in a steady but passionate embrace.
The idea struck me in that very moment.
I flew around them for a while, contemplating the sculpture that was already suggesting me the ideas I wanted, so I could get to work and start creating.

As an embrace the dress is soft. It moves gently and holds the woman as if the skirt panels were the arms of a lover.
The sleeves are long, because a hug feels warm on your arms, and they are softer and somewhat heavier up towards the shoulders.
Neck and shoulders are uncovered, to show a woman's beauty and sensuality, and a flowered chocker adds delicacy to the ensemble.

I always go for many colours options, cause I love colours. They are a way to express emotions and thoughts (almost like music, if you allow me:)). They are the instruments of a painter, and of us who use visuals to communicate.

I made 3 colours versions for this one... only 3, cause I did not have time :)
But for each I splitted the cloth in 2 and added 2 different textures: afterall, it takes two to make an embrace :)

And that's how I made a dress to express a woman's soul, to say how good (confusing, fizzy, warm, delicate, passionate, soft...) it feels to be held in someone's arms.

Lol, I am not used to writing serious things. Forgive me if I sound silly, but I thought I'd let you all know what this dress means :)

I hope you all will find the time to see the Black Swan SIM, because it really deserves a visit:)

With love,


Passions of Black Swan starting today!

Hear ye heary ye!

The time for the Passion of Black Swan event has finally come!
You are all invited tonight at the fashion show!
Many very talented designers took part to this project, so be sure to have a peep at the awesome SIM this all was inspired by.

Tonight: presentation of all the designs at 12PM SL time, at this location.

For all updates, you can visit rezzable web site, where you can find all sorts of news about the Black Swan.

Also, as a little credit: for the posters of Embrace Passion and Embrace Darkness I used 2 skins made by Tuli for the Black Swan... the colours just match perfectly ;D

Hug hug and hope to see you there :)



Crash Royalties at Clio's!

Yes, I know... Clio stays silent for ages, and when she finally makes something new it's a silly joke-top :)
But as I am working on a couple other things, and I am being trapped in RL long hours, I wanted to still release something. So I got the idea from a customer who said long ago: "Why don't you make a T-shirt with Crash King on it? It would be so funny!".
And here it is!!!
I made both tank and T-shirt in 2 lengths, and the shorter on both shirt and jacket layers ;)

Hope you all LOVE it! As always, available to purchase at my main store :)

Lovable hugs,