The Magnete has been revised

Here is the new Magnete everyone! I have totally repainted the texture for the top, making it with the same pattern of the skirt and adding details and lights.
I also came out with many more colours, and I hope you will like it as much as the old one.
Also because: the old gown has been sold a lot until very little time ago... then I had taken it off the walls, and now is back on at a lowered price (I haven't set it back for sale everywhere, yet...).
Here is the poster for each colour, please let me know what you think:) (and watch out for the revised version of the Evelyn!)



Christmas break from SL

:) I just wanted to let you all know I will be away from SL and from my PC for some days: at least until the 25th of December (yeah, Christmas lol).
Besides... these days I have been awfully busy in RL with all the Christmas stuff going on, so I couldn't work on any new design, nor on the retexturing of the old gowns (thing I will certainly do as soon as I get a chance).
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noel, Frohe Weinacht, Feliz Navidad... or however you prefer:)
Hugs and Kisses to everyone!


Retexturing of some old designs...

Hello everyone!
I want to share with you an idea I had.
I was looking at my designs and I noticed that some gowns like the Perpetua and the Magnete are nice... but now old compared to my newest releases.
Since I absolutely love those 'old' dresses, I thought I would do something to make them appealing again... like a textures revision.
Mostly, what needs to be worked on is the top. Maybe I will also remake the prim textures, especially for the Evelyn.
I'll keep you posted, and will take off my walls the items I mean to retexture as soon as I decide that the work WILL be done (that is: IF I have some spare time during Christmas Holidays:)). Any suggestions wil be appreciated:)

Then, I also wanted to invite you all to visit my flickr page (http://flickr.com/photos/cliocardiff) to see all my designs and also my 'artistic' pictures, when I have the chance to work on them! lol.
I also thought I would have some in my store...

Anyways... here is a sample: the 8th Romantic Moments picture:)

I miss my moments with Pall, lately... I am always busy with the fashion line, cause I have too many new ideas, and RL keeps me away from the PC much more than in the past.
Oh, well.
I gotta go:)


Brera City Outfits out!

Hello everyone.
Ok, this is a new outfit I have released a couple days ago. It's a casual skirt outfit, with some kind of an upper class look, methinks. (lol at doc for this...).
The top kind of looks like a toga, and the system skirt can be worn either with the prim attachment or without it.
The short jacket is also included, since winter has come :)
As always, all the textures are handdrawn... so I hope you are able to notice some 'improvements' as I keep releasing things lol.
I am still in my 'experimenting' phase... trying to figure out how to render certain textures with shades and stuff haha, well, if you have time to drop a line to comment on my efforts (even negative lol, always open to critics) please do so:).
Gotta run!



Phantium got married and it snows in Atherstone!

Hehe, guess what?

Today 'The Voice' got married!!! Yesss, I was kindly (thanx thanx P and Lo) invited to the ceremony and so I went and had a peep at the 2 of them exchanging vows and starting together a new (and hopefully better... or at least deeper:)) Second Life.
Everyone was sooo excited! And they actually read their vows on voice... so it all looked so much more than just an sl wedding...
Good luck you guys! For all what may come!
(here they are while walking out of the chapel... ceremony over... they're officially husband and wife:))

And, hear this:
the SIM Pall is building his RL town on is now covered in snow!!! Yuppy!
The whole square is perfect for skating, too lol...together with a couple funny snowmen:) There are scripted snowskates available from a vendor right in the square.
The place is not officially opened yet: they're not under the search. But if you want to get a sneak preview you can use the Teleport I have among my Picks in my SL profile, it's called Virtual Atherstone:)
This is a shot of the 2 of us, in a pause during our skating lol. Don't we look like if someone is interrupting us while arguing?

Nah, it couldn't be us, if we were arguing lol!
*kissssssssssssss* Pall:)

Bye you all!

Stay tuned for a new outfit that 'might' come out soon enough:)



Limited Edition Lingerie for Christmas!

Hello you all:)
I am here to announce a new thing I am doing.
I wanted to have out something special for Christmas (besides the girls' and guys' cuddling PJs, which you can find as freebies in my store).
I was advised to go with lingerie... and here it's what came out, the Rosalina Limited Edition set:

Hehe, brand new lingerie set... very very cute, I think. It's a bra&panties set (both with tiny prim bows) and a hyper-sexy body suit. It's like a sheer bustier together with large brief. These can be worn over the lingerie set itself (match it perfectly:)) OR they can be worn with nothing underneath... awesomely revealing!
I made it LIMITED EDITION! Yes, that's right! It means that only 50 of these sets will be sold in SL! So if you want one make sure you come by my store in Capelli Estates soon enough:))

The bedroom I used for the photoshooting of the Rosalina set is by my friend Eazel Allen. He started making sculpted scripted beds, added many classy bedroom components, and now has his own place where he sells all his stuff. The place is really nice... you should check it out (look for Eazel Allen, and TP from his profile).

Then, I wanted to inform you that I put nearly all my stuff on slexchange, as well (not the freebies and the hair... and still finishing with the listing of casual items lol). It was already on shop.onrez.
So... if you wanna shop but don't feel like logging in, just surf the internet and shop from http://slexchange.com or http://shop.onrez.com.

Bye bye for now, everyone!


Caterina ... and visit the Shop&Jazz Istanbul Edition!

Hello you all! I would like to show you the poster for the new dress, the actual poster with all the colours!
I personally love it:) And I can see some improvement myself... hope you agree.
Well, I wanted to inform you all that at the Shop&Jazz Istanbul Edition jazz club, starting from friday, many renters will have 1 or more items at a discounted price (only at the Shop&jazz). I will, too, so in case some of you want to take the chance, do pop by!
And enjoy the wonderful sim... one of the most elegant in SL, in my opinion:)
Take care!!!


Still RL busy, but here's a new release: Caterina!

Hey you all:)
I have been off SL for a week (2 weeks ago now), and anyways have been on very very little in the last month, due to RL lack of internet connection, and now plenty of RL duties to take care of.
BUT, here's some good news for you: I had the time to release a new item. It's an elegant dress called Caterina, here is a sample:

As always, I have more colours available. So far it's in pink, blue, sable and green. More are to come as soon as I am free enough to find the time to make them (and I should have some girls modelling, then:)).
I hope the efforts I am (slowly... waaay slowly) making to improve my designing are appreciated... give a holler if they are! Lol (I know... noone ever leaves comments...).

Also, I haven't partied for the opening of my REAL store yet. I had planned to do so long time ago, but never got the chance to plan anything... keep your ears open! (through my update group, for instance... joinable for free from the search. It's called "Clio Cardiff & co.").



Off from SL until an undefined date!

Just very quickly informing everyone that, due to some RL issues, as not having any internet connection available anymore (not from home, anyways...), I cannot log on SL.
I know some of you are waiting for me to come renew the rent or help you with fitting or with items not delivering, but as for now I can't help from offline.
I apologize for this, it is much worse for me than it is for you.
I hope to be back in action as soon as possible, till then, accept my 'sorry'.
Take care!


New sexy tiny outfit and bikini!

Hi there:)

I have just released in my main store and in a couple other locations the newest item from my collection:)

Here is a poster of the whole thing, hope you like it.

As you can see a load of gorgeous ladies modeled for it, so my group of models is getting bigger and bigger lol.

Then, I wanted to make sure people find out about a very very classy new Jazz Club in SL. The place is called 'Shop&Jazz Istanbul Edition'. It is a whole SIM stunningly built up from scratch by Enes Masala, the owner of the place.
Apart from the jazz club, which has a fabulous dancefloor and some private lounges for slow couple dances, there is a huge and fine mall. Many great designers are already displaying there, and there's still rental space available.
There's also a nice art gallery and a harbour. It really deserves a visit!

And another place I rent in which is very 'different' is called AtlantisLove. It's a waterfront with many shops and a whole lot of cuddles and attractions underwater! Look at this:Have fun you all!


Clio -pret a porter- finally got land!

Hello Everyone!
I am not on much lately, cause busy in RL, but I have great news!
I finally bought some land! Yessssss, a 4096 sqm parcel in Capelli Estates! Will place a nice SLURL as soon as I decide landing point, and will show u a snapshot of the store (as soon as it will be over:)).
I just wanted to let you know... be patient for just a little longer!
Kisses to u all!


OK OK, let me correct...

Of course, mi professor me dije que tenia que escribir:
"secretaria", y no "segretaria", y que se dice "favorito", no "favorido".
LOL, U happy, now, prof???
(spanish lessons proceed...)


Diva fashion show and some more.

Yesterday I was teleported by Angie to my very first fashion show on SL!
LOL, of course I took many pictures, as I always do. Maybe I can learn something from Annejoy Paine...
This is a shot of 2 versions of the same wonderful dress:

Yep... a true fashion show... models, catwalk, and announcer (who was the designer herself).

Then another great announcement about yesterday is: I talked on voice to PALL! After a looong time:)
It was so different:) And I still need to WORK on my understanding of his accent! First 5 minutes I was totally lost! hahahaha. Oh, well... there will be plenty of occasions:)

AND, I am trying to learn spanish (properly learn, that is). And I found a very good teacher! Hahaha, need to take a picture of him to put on this blog... cause my SL profile is STUFFED, already. Un besito a mi espanolito favorido!!! Y a su segretaria, MUY importante segretaria, que me ayudò a saber como se prepara pamboli (con pan mallorquin). LOL... prof, you gotta read this and correct me, in case I got it all wrong! LOL.

Beijos a todos (wow, I speak sooo many languages LMAO!)


OK, store name changed already.

The hunt for a nice, cheap, and 'big enough' piece of land is still on.
Maybe will be able to speed it up a little, but from now on I will have increasing RL business to take care of, so it might all skip to October, who knows.
So, this is the new logo!

Do you like it? (too late to say "No", anyways lol).
Yesterday I changed all my signs around in my vendors. I hope I didn't forget any of them... if anyone sees a "Ccard's" sign around, or notices a LM giver still gives old CCard's LM, send me an IM (lol).
The logo was such a pain to develop!

Had to ask Key's, Pall's, Kuc's (well, she didn't get to see the final result before it was out), and nanon's opinion... most of them was stuck on the dark version, let me tell you. But I just preferred light background:)

Mwah to all of you, thanx for the opinion (don't get mad if I chose the one u didn't pick lol).


New outfits, models and plans.

Have very very little time to talk now, will say something more later.

First, let's welcome to my 'Hot Models' group of girls the 3 beauties that modeled for me today. Got 4 gorgeous new casual outfits out, one modeled by myself.
Then, quickly, let's talk about CCard's... cause maybe, soon, you guys won't be hearing about it anymore...
NOT because I plan to stop designing and selling my stuff (would never do that!). But because I think the name is not too good. Hard to remember, mispelled by the most, and not too cute, anyways (lol). What was I thinking back then?
Anyways... one of the possibilities, the most POSSIBLE one, is that the name will just be 'Clio'. Easy to remember, not too hard to spell (apart from those who call me Cleo lol) and a lot more personal:)
I also thought of a possible new sign for it. I'd like you guys to post a comment on which one u prefer (Kuc and Pall... thanx for reading my blog all the time, and u don't have to post anything lol, I already know which one u prefer):

So? lol, tell me what u think... will take some time to decide, and still have to play with colors, cause I might not have it like this... we'll see.



Just wanted to show you all my last design.... been designing like crazy! LOL
Watch out, something else might be released soon:)


New stuff at my store:)

Hey people, while SL is down, I'm taking a little time to show you my latest things:)

I am so proud of them... cause I am trying to broaden my styles, add shades or maybe use lace.
Here is a cute lingerie+tiny outfit set.
I LOVE it!
Wear it a lot lol.
And this is a new gown, with lace suit:

(got compliments by 6 people at Phat's... I'm about to cry! lol).
And the skin I used to model this last one was kindly offered by Charlize Klaar. She's a skin designer, who's trying to get her skins to be known around, so if you like it IM her and let her know:) She makes unique designs (says she plans of selling just a few of each on sl).
... these days I met tons of NOOBIES! lol. Have at least 10 new friends among new people and others who just happened to talk to me. OMG, my friends list is gonna explode!
But... for many reasons, I got to see Pall alone for no more than a few minutes. We haven't had proper time together in a long time. Kind of miss him:) *kiss*


Looking for land for sale... maybe:)

It's been a looong while since I last posted something on this blog.
And in the meanwhile, so many things happened.
Firstly, since my last posts were all about the same topic, I'm going with some news about romance (lmao, still not used to being like this...).
Well, yesterday one of my first models, Lib, got married to her King:) And I went with Pall to the ceremony. It was held on brand new Virtual Atherstone. Nice layout, but lag caused some problems... couldn't take good pictures, here is a little 'all-together' of the wedding

and a shot of me and Pall:)

Then, other news are about CCard's... I am trying to expand the brand... experimenting with shades on clothes, and stuff like that. I made a pair of awful prim shoes some weeks ago... They were a gift for the people in the "Clio Cardiff & Co." group.
I want to start making more of it. More outfits, more complete ones (adding accessories), and different styles of prim shoes.
It would be a whole new thing to me, if I can get it to work, that is...
And in the effort to get to do new things, I ended up with no more prims available at my place at Wooson... So I now have another spot too, where I sell my whole collection. And of course, I am looking for some land to own myself, to build up an actual 'main store' on my own land.
I will have to think it over a lot... come out with some new outfits first, and then think about how and where to get the land... And a friend once told me I should try to stress my name (especially the first one, Clio), instead of "CCard's", which is in fact kind of hard to remember and to spell correctly.
So there might be some major change in my designing line. The layout, the name... Who knows.
Up for suggestions, that's for sure:)

And hey!
I was almost forgetting a major news for the whole SL community!
Phat Cat's is no longer owned by Dilbert Dilweg and Charity Colville! They passed it on to a new owner, a girl.
Waiting to meet her:)

Gotta go now.


Busy days in RL

So, last few days I have been very busy in RL (busy/sick.... don't let me think about it!). And was almost never on sl.
That's not really bad if you just consider it as 'staying away from my biggest addiction'. BUT, lately I had started enjoying so much my time with Pall, that I missed him these last few days. I could barely talk to him during those short minutes I was online.
And now he's also busy building up a huge project he's had in mind for a long time (maybe even since we first met:)). I would be so happy to help him out a bit, with the little I can do...
Well, I can't right now... and I feel very sorry for it, cause he told me so much about this project, and now that he's seeing the thing coming alive, I am awfully filled with stuff to do. (I shouldn't even be on sl at any time!!! But my addiction doesn't allow me to quit so easily:))
That's it... Clio is so busy!!! I haven't seen anyone on sl for a LONG time now! All the times I was online I would just go around and place items in rental spaces, nothing more....
So, Pall... please forgive me for not coming to see you these days... you know I would have loved to... and I know you understand and say 'it's ok', but you also know I need to say 'sorry', everytime:)

Bye for now, people:)


News.... on romance:)

Well... remember what I told you guys last time about me and Pall?
That he was helping me getting a little more open to romance, and to people, in general.
And so... we went on with our experiment of seeing if Clio can get to be romanceable... until we got to just meeting up almost everyday:)
Hehe, people... I don't know what to say about it... need to think it over, but for now I'll leave u a shot of one of our last nights together :)
Aren't we cute???
(and, thinking about it, it took 6 months to get to this... lol).

Just one little advice to all those girls out there that play hard-to-get: maybe one day you'll feel like letting go of the tough girl part, and if you'll be lucky enough, you won't be regretting it:)
AND, to those who always look for romance: it's ok to do that, but remember that the best things come when you least expect them... so don't give yourself away too easily, cause there might be someone out there worth waiting for:)


Romance (part one?)

Hehe, so... as you see my romance moments with Pall did NOT end:)
This is the 2 of us on his bed, again... and it's obvious we did go a little further (lol).
And now Pall will have to excuse me for all the "lol"s that will come out of my mouth while I go on telling you about our romance. You know I need to be laughing at stuff, Pall... so please don't be offended by it:)
So, anyways... since last update things went on as you can imagine from the picture. Pall can be so charming that any avie would melt (and me? lol... well, apart from laughing, I did think he was saying some very nice things). I am not an expert, you know by now, but I don't think that many people would get me to smile so broadly (and, look... I said "smile", not "laugh" :)).
It's funny to think of how hard it is for the most to express their feelings. Every guy, while kissing his girl, would naturally "wonder" with his lips on her face, over to the ears and neck. It's something all of us feel: a kind and (in some ways) pure showing of affection.
But how many people, while their avatar is kissing someone else's, would be able to type all the actions, making them real?
My friend is very modest: he says he's not a descriptive type of guy. But he managed to remind me RL sensations in a very nice way.
That's maybe the reason why people manage to get so close on SL. If someone is able to put in words and type down excatly what he would do in RL (of course, we're NOT considering the particular situation of someone who would not do those things... for any reason...), then the other does feel it. The two get all the good from it. And if they're not willing to make it something serious, then they are totally safe from any bad that could come: RL is still miles away from those kisses and cuddlings (and sex, too... why not?).
I don't know how having SL sex, or SL romancing in a general way, is like. The only person, who actually made me taste a little bit of it, is a very good friend, who's making me enjoy it very very much.
What I can say is: "I wish all the guys out there were as caring and sweet as he is "(lol). That would really make SL a wonderful place where to get something we can't get in RL.
Because, yes, in real world not everyone gets romanced the way we'd like to...and we all know that. I speak for myself.(cause, as you know, I am some kind of human icy-rock, who's never touched by anything related to feelings lol... ill from excessive rationality!!!).

So, well... I still have to think it over... This post is almot a non-sense little thing that came out my brain: I needed to write down some if this stuff before forgetting all the nice thoughts and feelings.
To pack up I just ask all the boys who'll be reading this (Pall... if you will, then you know it's not for you, cause you passed the test lol): please, do romance the ladies the way they want to be romanced. Saves a lot of time to you (LOL) and a LOT of pain to them.



Hahahaha, people!!! Did you think I died?
Cause I have been away from this poor, nearly abandoned blog for a very long time!
And today I am (shortly) back to tell you pretty much what's been happening lately.
First... for all those people who've tried, as time passed by, to say I am a smart girl: you are wrong!!!

LOL, see this actually pretty good looking picture?
Well, the skin I wear was bought by MISTAKE! Yes, lol, you might not believe it, also cause I am such a demoshopper (have 2 zillions demos in my poor and awfully loaded inventory) I was so out of my mind today that I accidentally bought a skin pack instead of a demo... and this is what I now have.
As you see I am far lighter than my actual color, so I said: never ever I am going to wear THIS skin! But then... I got a little used to it, and guess what? It has 2 tiny moles... but they're not in the average "tiny mole position" (i.e: over the lip, a lil to one side). One is on right cheek, and the other is under the outer tip of the right eye.
That's the mole I want RL! LOL
So that's already a very big point extra for this poor skin.... besides, it's a pack (so many different lipsticks), and it doesn't have a too heavy eye make up.
So... all these things together might convince me to wear it... who knows...

Then... last few days Pall has been "romancing" me a lot.... to help poor Clio to get out of her rusty shell... lol... he's so funny. (Muah, thanx for the help, Pall... lol).
Mhmmm... not too much new...

Hugs to everyone.


Some more romance...

:) Hahahaha, well, you might have got the idea of how I am, by now: I am cold as a stone. So it's more than fine to be a little impressed by all these last posts about romance and dates.

The thing is (lol) that avi Clio doesn't have to pay for what her real fleshy self is like, so why can't she have some fun?

Besides, I should be writing a post on SL relationships, soon, and I wouldn't have anything to write about! I NEED to test those pink and soft grounds to get an idea of what romance is like.

So here I am... on Pall's bed (hahahaha, who would have guessed I'd ever end up in his bed! LMAO) [JUST CUDDLING!] for a new picture of the "Romantic Moments" series LOL.

Don't we look cute?

Then... let's pretend I have something more to talk about... mhmmm, let's see:
I have been drawing advertising shirts for a couple of things: a club, a business, and an event. But I was also supposed to come up with 2 sets of Pijamas, one for guys and one for girls, from the "LAG SUCKS" line. With slippers, too! And I'm almost there... last details to think of, and then they'll be hanging on my walls.
I might think to also have 2 more colors for the Perpetua (I did for the Magnete), to give you all a wider selection to choose from LOL (and because I am kind of "looking for new ideas" at the moment).

OK, well... people, do leave a comment, if you read, let's try this again lmao.

A big hug to all of you.


Silky Clio!

Hey Guys... don't have time to write a lot, just wanted to show you a picture of Clio in a SILK!

Yes lol

I got one of Candy's best silks, and here I am, wearing it:)

Then... MAYBE... I will try to make some very very silly hairdo... cause I am a hair maniac now lol

I have styles from ETD, Naughty, Calla... and even if yes, they're not too many (since I am actually a girl), but I feel like I have been spending a lot on hair!!!!

So I wanna start make my own, and don't worry, I'll keep you informed lol.

Going now!!! Byeee!


Hahaha, I am kinda bored... here it' morning, and it's so hot one could not only cook an egg over the floor outside... I bet it would even work with a fat stuffed turkey!!! I am COOKED!
Oh my... well, last update hasn't brought voice to Second Life, wonder when the release for that will be.
Way awesome thing is that we now have SCULPTIES! I am so looking forward to start messing around with those things... And make stuff of all kinds. If I'll be able to work some program out good enough, I might even try to make shoes (haha, mind travels fast, doesn't it?).
But of course, until I manage to have some kind of 3d texturing program, then there's really nothing that could justify my enthusiasm lmao. (omg, the greek origin of the word enthusiasm was just coming back to my mind...).
Ok, I will post this, so short and so insignificant, and maybe log on to sl now... before the heat will melt me...


2-nights date with old Pall:) (and some other things)

Hey everyone!

Guess what? It's been long since I last wrote something, as usual.

I even had to rebuild my computer some days ago... was a pain... way busy.

Anyways, I am back almost regular on SL now. And 3 days ago I was talkign to Pall in IMs while working (and noone there :( ). So after a long chat and after he'd said plenty of nice things (as he always does:)), he promised he'd take me out on a "date" the day after lol.

We scheduled everything, can you believe that? MEEEE, I got a DATE! lol... well, doesn't count, cause Pall is such a good friend and I like so much to make fun of him, that this date thing is not to be taken seriously lol. But it was very nice of him to take me out, so could relax a bit... we went to a very nice place. With dinner tables and tons of couple danceballs. (here's a snapshot lol).

But for how good as it was going, what could happen to me if not crash while we were still dancing?

My line went dooown!!!

And I never got it back!!! Poor Pall, he's been so patient lol. Most of my friends have been... I have disappeared at least once with everyone, I think... so bad of me!

And well... yesterday (the day after the tragic crash), I went dancing with Pall again, to finish and wrap up what we had abruptly interrupted. So we went to Phat, because they were having a contest for best in formal.

So of course Pall said: if you're going let me know, I'd be glad to dace with you (lol).

We went, and of course I wore one of my gowns ( the Sable Perpetua ). And at the end (omg, I was shocked) I even won the contest!!!

It was such an end to that interrupted date lol.

And awesome to have a REAL record that my gowns are some good lol (Key was like :see? I wish I had recorded those times when you said "I don't know if they are worth as much as I think" and things like that lol).

Of course it was a very nice surprise.

As it was the fact that renting a space at The Purple Moon was very very convenient for me lol.

Yes, I did start renting, here and there... more than one spot. Hope I can have one also in another couple of clubs (I already have them in mind, lol). But need to wait to see if I can get those spaces as well...

Then, very last thing: Of course I went back to the beta to talk to people, and I was very lucky cause I met the guy with the awesome, sexy, deep, goergeous voice!

Hehe, wanna see him? Here he is, in his Chinese outfit:).

The guy whose voice could make a woman melt (literally!!!!).

Well, enough stupid crap talk for today:)

TTY SOON, maybe... lol.


Philip Linden!!!

Hey GUYS!!!

You won't believe what I am about to say!!! I was on the beta grid again, today, with my usual "voice-chat friend" (lol... it's just too funny to chat with you!). We were just standing there at the welcome area, talking with some people as usual... with a little crowd that gathered around those of us speaking (and obviously some italians, as well...lol!).

Guess who came up and walked through us... PHILIP LINDEN!!!
YES! The starter!!! The creator of SL!
OMG! We were all so excited!
We kept him there for a while, asking him silly questions, and hearing from him some Second Life possible future features (sounds bad, doesn't it? lol).
It was sooo great!
And my friend and I were so excited that I didn't have the strength to hold myself from asking him "... well, Philip... since you are the starter... and you are here.... can we take a picture?"
He laughed too, so silly of me to ask.

But at the end, this is what came out of it:

It was so exciting lol.
We met the very first person who thought Second Life.
He asked us a few questions, too. And he told us he is amazed now, by the number of non-american people who are on SL.
What a day... I also heard my friend's voice this morning... sooo NICE! Finally! (even if, please don't get offended lol, I don't totally agree with your wife... lol, still very nice voice though, I love it!).
Well, gotta go... should get some study done (lol... at 10 PM???).
Have a great day/night (whatever).


SL Voice! An amazing adventure!

Today Clio is stealing some time from her very busy RL to say something about SL voice.
To whoever doesn’t know it yet, from the next update, not only we will have sculpted prims and all their HUGE potential, but we’ll have the VOICE!
Yes! The SL voice feature (to chat using headphones instead of typing) is already available on the beta grid.
I didn’t even know! I logged in on the beta grid yesterday just to see the sculpties (which are absolutely gorgeous… can’t wait to learn how to make the textures to come up with any possible shape!!!) and I noticed the little voice control thingy at the bottom of the screen (like the music and video stream controls).
Well, after trying to make the first shape, I relogged in on the main grid, told some of my friends about sculpted prims, and asked one of them to download the beta grid, so that we could meet on it, and I could show her a bit of what sculpted prims are.
I showed her all the shapes that are available in the library, and then we noticed the voice option… but we couldn’t make it work!
And after 5 minutes, when we were actually about to say: “let’s log back on the main world… here we can’t even IM our online friends”, we heard a girl’s voice!!! YES! We heard her voice! And after a minute my friend was talking too, and we ended up talking all together (took me a LOT to figure out how to configure my headphones… of course lol).
OMG! I stayed on for almost the whole afternoon! Was crazy! I loved it! We met other and other and other people. All there chatting, laughing at people’s voices (or shivering at one of them’s… he’s got the deepest voice ever! Gorgeous but scary lol), trying to pick up accents.
It is a great experience!
It’s different from any other voice chat software. Because, again, it’s not a “chat”, it’s SL! It’s different… people LIVE it, they have their own second life and go around the world like that. So you actually walk around and hear people’s voices… isn’t it cool!?!
That’s how the little group gathered around us… first it was the 3 of us, then a fourth guy, and then from that another and another and another person… at the end we were so many… and the SIM got stuck, but we could still communicate by voice (which is totally cool: we could tell each other “I’m stuck! I can’t move”, instead of just being there, and not typing, not moving nor communicating).
Anyways… I will always remember those people I met yesterday, also because (it’s funny) by having that little chat with our actual voices, we got much closer than what it would have been if we had just typed stuff. Hearing a person’s voice does tell much more about that person than reading his/her messages. (AND some people’s voices are just fascinating lol! … or scary… the same… one of the best voices I’ve ever heard lol).

I cannot wait to talk to a couple of my friends, actually… some because I am too curious about their accent, one because I’ve been told how sexy his voice is, and now I wanna hear it lol (hahahahahahahahaha, soooo funny… your wife told me, so it must be true ;) ).
Hehe, well, anyone who reads this, do try the voice chat, it’s amazing, and way funny.
And if any of those I talked to that first time is reading this, please say Hi (in the comments…).


We're over 6 MILLIONS!

Wow! Did you people notice it?
SL residents got to over 6 millions... That's a HUGE number, isn't it?
I said to myself (some days ago...) "Wow, in a few months SL residents doubled!". And you know what? Now I can say that in 4 months 4 millions people joined SL.
That's such a fast growth.
Our (lol... like if it was partially mine, as well :)) virtual world is getting so big and so fast.
And along with its residents' number, the whole things will change. Maybe in the future the weather system will be all over SL, so we'll have to bring an umbrella in our purse all the time, just in case lol.

Today I met a very "old" resident, too lol. I've learned some things about SL in the past, and might be starting to see some little things I could put together for the SL History... lol... ok, will take SOOO much time.
Well, I am not at all inspired tonight, I'll see if I can write something more some other day... Besides, RL is supposed to be taking most of my time now, so...


Magnete Gown!!!

OK, other very much delayed post… but hey, Kuc (since, yeah, you’re reading this and noone else is lol), you know I was busy!!!
Hehe, you surely do know, since I got you a little busy, too, with all my need of advice and models! Lol… well, Magnete Gown is done, up on the walls, and it looks fabulous (again, complimenting myself as only a total idiot would hahahaha). And when Cape saw me wearing it she was kinda shocked, methinks (just for you, doc)… I tried to get as close as I could to CanDy’s wonderful Breezy… And maybe my efforts were not totally vain. Oh, well, at least it looks good and people love it (which is the most important thing, isn’t it?).
And back to Cape… OMG, lol, I said a lot of times how much I love to work at CanDy, because of the inspiration and the people (and, of course, because of the freedom we have with our schedules… of capital importance in my case), but let me tell you: my boss is awesome. Not only as a designer, but also as a person. She allowed me to set up a little vendor there at CanDy, so if you pop by, you might notice my stuff, too (among the billions of huge and puffy gowns from Cape), and she gave me some very smart and useful tips on how to make my designs look betterJ.
So I will have to start working on a different prim shape (for a new gown) I bet… and that will cost me loads of hair lol (hopefully I learned something in the meanwhile, that will save me time and energy lol). And I do have some idea in mind, but let’s see if it’s possible… I still need to fully get into building and its potential.
Haha, I also made my first tuxedo. Which looks crappy, I know, but it’s a start and it’s cheap… lol at least this time I manage not to be too glimmering about a creation of mine!
Oh… I moved my store!!! Hahahaha, no need to say this here, cause I already said it in my profile, but it’s just to keep this posts up to date (well, almost… since I write once a week lol). And about this moving: Don’t ask. At least not for now… I will write something about it, maybe… one day… who knows. I first need to get the whole thing cleared up in my mind, I guess.

Well, nothing important to say, apart from “It would be better if I tried to study”. But let me say one last thing to my favourite (and only?) reader: I have been writing a few lines for the SL Romance, Kucypie, and I am kinda scared I will end up talking nonsense, because I truly suck when it comes to emotional talk, feelings, and relationships. But I said I’ll write about it, and so I will. Just hang on! Lol.
And the same for the SL History: I will write it, sooner or later (MOST likely later lol).
See ya all.

P.S: If there’s anyone different from Kuc reading this post, leave a comment… even just to say “hello” , or maybe “stop bothering with this crap!” (lol, hope not this last one)… so I can get a slight idea of how many people are so desperate that they don’t have anything better to do than read my posts and leave comments lol (yes, Kuc, you are desperate, I know, but I bet anyone would, if they had to deal with Pall all the time! LMAO!!!)
[and, btw Pall… Thank you again a lot for your offerJ] ß(piccola parentesi viola).



Hey everyone!

... I know, I know... haven't written in a while, and I apologize for that. But you know I was very busy inworld, and still kinda am (but of course, today it looks like I cannot stay connected for more than 2 minutes, so I just got off for a while).

And I am writing here to whoever will read this post (... why don't I just say: "Thank you, Kuc!" for always reading my blog!!!).

First news, which almost got me a heart attack yesterday, is: I managed to make the gown I have been working on for almost 2 weeks now! Yessss, even before the Dizzie Dress (here in the picture... comes with matching bikini!!!) I was already working on a gown. I wanted to make it a real formal gown, one of those people would get compliments for. A gown I could maybe sell in the Phat Cat's Mall, which is certainly a perfect place where to advertise your business.

And well, I think I got there...

Of course, it is not definite yet, I have to fix the skrt, to make the last adjustments, and then to create a pair of nice gloves to add to it, and maybe some "jacket"... something to cover up the shoulders (for us ladies, when we get to dance out in the cool air of those open ballrooms lol).

And then the awesome (yes yes, as I said in the title, I am more than proud of myself for finally getting to it) new gown from Ccard's will be there, on my store's walls (and who knows, maybe also in some nice mall...).

So here is a little and crapy picture I took in my store with the final prototype of my gown on. Can you see the tears coming down my cheeks? (because if you zoomed in you could actually see those, I am so happy!).

I am with my fellow designer Xavy.
... So, what do you think?
lol! Well, I am more than proud of it. Kuc said: "Wow Clio! Looks like a waterfall!". And it DOES!
While it flexes it does look a lot like a waterfall lol. Maybe it will be the name of it. Even though I actually have a name already (came up with it 2 weeks ago, or so... when I started designing it lol), so since I will have more than 1 color, maybe "waterfall" will just be the name of the blue version.
Oh well, whatever! I am too confused and blinded by my own tears of pride now to think of a name!
So... other news? Well, since you last read a post of mine, Xavy opened a store, XZ designs, which I advice you all to go to, because his designs are way cool! (and because he's a friend, and because he was almost a pupil of mine lol... ).
Then... My gurl's (no mind in the gutter please... lol) club, The Greek Goddess, was closed a couple days ago, for rebuild. It will be back open on Saturday, with a speed dating thing... which I was forced to sign up for by Pall and gurl, obviously. Lol.
And, I evidently messed up with land settings at The Golden Temple (trying to hide this among the many news so it will be less noticeable LMAO!), and got half the items returned to the owners' inventories... Disco is a saint! "SANTO SUBITO! SANTO SUBITO!" (those of you who live in Italy will smile, lol... for the others: "santo subito" means "saint right away"... it's a funny thing some guys on the radio invented. They hear stories about people who did something nice and just start saying "SANTO SUBITO!". So it's become something kinda popular to say lol). And Disco fully deserves to be "Saint Right Away", because he somehow managed to keep himself for killing me, when they found out it was me messing... SORRY BRO! (and sorry dad, ad mom, and Zammie and Chiwa, and whoever got stuff returned for my stupid mistake).
Then... other news, from CCard's: I assigned my first "model" tags. Yes! Now I sometimes ask people to model for me, and so I decided each one of them should proudly wear a tag that shows he/she modeled for a clothing line!
And about this I also need to apologize (just a little lol) for my pickiness (is that an english word?) to Kuc and Lib, the hot models of the Dizzie Dress... see the picture above... But then you girls said it was funny, so I hope I didn't tire you out too much!
Mhmmm, about CCard's new releases I should also mention the SL-addicted shirt, which is way too funny (and for which Pall modeled, of course lol), and the Tee's Tee... that is definitely a "T" shirt! And which I got Xavy and Key's picks for.
So... enough for now... I certainly left out some exciting news from the last days, but hey, you know I am a mess (read the huge title on top of the page lol) and I forget EVERYTHING!
Hahahaha, ok... I sound drunk, and it's only 1:30 PM... should post this and eat something, and then maybe even study a bit (study... what's "study"?... don't remember...).
Byeeeee! Wish you all a nice morning, day, afternoon, evening, night... (and pretty much I said them all...)


Hippy party:)

Here is a snapshot from the hippy party we had a couple days ago, at Queen Celtic's Shops:)

I think this one in front of the camera is Disco... hard to tell though, cause he's generally bald lol.

Anyways...everyone was wearing that funny hair mom gave us... to look as more hippy-like as we could lol. It was a great party. Lots of smoking and drinking, of course.
Mhmmm, I just realized that I don't have any picture of my family on my "online profile" (i.e.: this blog). I should take snapshots and set up a pick for each one of them (... before they get to a number too high to handle!).
Ah! I'm also working on my very first custom order: a star wars jedi outfit:) Who knows if I'll get it good enough.
See ya folks... RL Clio is WAAAY tired. She'll take an "evening-nap", I guess.


CCard's new store!

:) I am sooo happy!

Today CCard's got a new store at Queen Celtic's Shops!

It's a rental area brother Disco designed, and we are renting lots of stores at fair prices (so for anyone interested, come and check them out;)).

And of course how could CCard's not be among the Queen Celtic's shops?

And as all the times, I need to thank Kawa for the opportunity he gave me to meet the whole family and to group with them:)
Thank you sooo much daddy!!!
Then... This is something I thought many times and even told some friends: I will soon start collecting information for the 2 new "big posts" I will want to write (sooner or later... sigh).
As I told (certainly to Kuc... ) I want to write a post on SL romance and a post (that will actually be many posts) on SL history.
This last one is something I REALLY want to write... ever since I met Shadow at Candy Silks... when I was still kinda new and I met such an old SL resident.
I want to write something that tells about SL in the past years... when there were no clubs, no business... and then how it all got to nowadays world. It would be sooo interesting. And I bet not many people would be able to describe first year's SL... maybe they wouldn't even be able to picture it... (I think of it as a "all nooby" world: no prim hair, almost no clothing nor skins... very basic building... ).
Well, if Clio stopped being lazy and waiting, we'd soon know:)
So... I guess I said enough for today. My SL is very busy and my eyes and fingers are tired... so I will just concentrate on the party.
Have a nice evening/night/day...


Celtic Moon Island

Hehe, this post is a couple days old too... What can I do? I go to places, party, take pictures... and then I just forget to write the post, or I am too busy doing other things.

So I am writing it some days later... and let's say something about what happened in those days in between, shall we?
Ok, it all starts on the 7th of this month: tha day before Easter.
It was (obviously) a Saturday and The Golden Temple organized some event on a beach.

This beach is Celtic Moon island. And the whole party thing was a way to help X sell some of it (the island I mean).

The idea was awesome! And it worked!!!

Many people got the chance to see the place (which is beautiful) and decided to have a little beach corner there:) (among those of course Pall, Kuc and Laz:))

(notice the Kool Aid guy!!! So hilarious...)

Then! On Easter day we had our "Best In Demo" event!!! Lol, it was so funny! But we'll have to do it again, cause I think not many people got the notice, and maybe since it was Easter...

Anyways, since Pall bought land at Celtic Moon Island, he's been over there a lot, and I went there for a party at Laz's place and to go car-jumping over the whole island (lol... something we won't be able to do any longer soon...). This proved that virtual cars are not really my thing... I need to study for my driver's license... I so SUCK! lol

And after car-jumping, we got talking to Kuc's new neighbour(which, maybe, is my new brother?) ... and then mommy came by and tried to set Pall's friend up with Disco! Lmao... what a laugh...

Oh, well... I gotta go and feed my fleshy-self.

See ya:)


SL Ballet

Hey people!

Lol... ok, first of all I should say this post was meant to be published some days ago... but I was just so messed up with trying to get to some scripting that I didn't have the time to efficiently collect the material I "needed". Now that I got it, I'd like to thank so much Inarra (and Espresso) Saarinen, for sharing with me (and with you guys) these notes I am publishing.

They are about the Olmannen play, which I had the luck to partly (cause of course I got there late... silly me!) see performed by the SL Ballet.

I wanted to have these notes about the ballet not only to have the thing written directly by those who know it the best (since Inarra is the Second Life Ballet director... so who can tel us about it better than her?), but also to show you guys what SL can be stretched to. I mean: who would think that in a virtual world, apart from meeting people from all over the world and be who you want to be (and work) you could even get to do ballet?

Well, for those of you who didn't know about this possibility, and for those who are curious about how a ballet play can be performed on a virtual stage, I publish what Inarra wrote.

(Please note that the text is copyrighted... Espresso Saarinen was very kind handing it to me, and I hope noone will use this post to do something he and Inarra don't wish to be done... Thank you).

From the Olmannen playbill:

Olmannen is the story of souls fighting for love. Centuries ago, Namon agreed to become a Devang to save his one true love, Seraphette, from evil. Namon has waited centuries for her soul to be reborn to reclaim their love. But now that she is reincarnated, Seraphette has changed. Can Namon still love the new Seraphette? Can Seraphette possibly accept the love of Namon, a creature of the Overworld?
Principals:Seraphette: A beautiful dancer who has been recently reincarnated and now performs in public alleys. She had a lover, Namon, in the past.

Namon: Seraphette's true love; he agreed to become a Devang to save her from evil.
Corps:Evil beings (Devangs), who live in the OverworldTarts in the Public AlleySprites in the Mystical Garden

ACT ONE(The past) The Ice Garden
Namon and Seraphette are happy and together as lovers, bound together by idealized love. However, they become threatened by evil. In order to save Seraphette from this evil, Namon battles the Devangs and agrees to join them. Seraphette eventually dies a broken-hearted, old woman.

ACT TWO(The present) The Public Alley
Seraphette, dispirited and despairing, has been reincarnated as a dancer who performs with tarts in public alleys. Namon has waited for Seraphette's soul to be reincarnated and he returns to find her again. However, Seraphette has only a vague memory of him and Namon has to fight to remind her of their love. Finally, he reveals himself to her and she falls in love with him again.

ACT THREE(The future) The Mystical Garden
Their true love allows Namon to be released from evil and Seraphette to return from her despairing life. Sprites herald their return. They reunite forever in the mystical garden and ascend into "Olmannen", happy in their realized and true love.

The Making of Olmannen

Inarra Saarinen 2007.01.31

Creating Second Life Ballet's premiere of the ballet Olmannen was truly an amazing experience. It took several months from concept to completion. Besides the normal artistic challenges there were also technical and logistic challenges. Artistically, the story was written and became more clarified over time and rehearsals. Part of the beauty of writing the story specifically for Second Life Ballet was that I was able to utilize the unique aspects of Second Life to bring the story to life. I saw dragon-like creatures appearing in the air, a couple in love spiraling down and up, sprites flying, and a beautiful woman transforming instantly into an old woman while the man transformed instantly into one of the evil beings. I found some wonderful collaborators in places all around the world; something that would be very difficult in First Life. Our immensely talented composer lives in London, our architect and PR person from Australia, and the dancers are from England, West Cost U.S., and East Coast U.S. It was a difficult challenge to find a costume designer, lighting designer, set designer, videographer, and stage manager. We did find an artist and stage manager towards the end of our rehearsal period. We also had a challenge keeping dancers because of First Life changes and commitments. These dancers put in very significant dedication and work to Second Life Ballet and are a large part of why the ballet works. Because of the lack of a costume designer. I spent a significant amount of time finding off-the-rack costumes and AVs that would fufill the artistic vision and then spent some time negotiating to make them "transfer ok". In this way, costumes can go out to the dancers and then are transferred back into Second Life Ballet costume department. Once the story began to fall in place, I was able to animate most of my visions. What a wonderful release to be able to choreograph with dancers who have grand jete's that were full splits in the air, perfect "turn-out" and timely forever turns! This allowed me to really produce many of the effects I wanted. Of course, these are real dancers, so there was always the "I thought said you wanted me to come downstage?" kind of discussions. These dancers are not scripted! Rehearsals did take place in almost exactly the same way a First Life rehearsal would -- except for the "I need you to hover up a bit" kind of directions. Technically, I used Avimator to create the animations. I began with some ballet animations and created quite a number over the course of the choreography. All in all, there are approximately 75 original animations in Olmannen. The main difference between dance animations at clubs in Second Life and these ballet animations is that 90% of the ballet animations do not loop. The animations were put into gestures, which are I made akin to musical phrases in ballet. That way the choreographer and dancers and the composer were able to work in a normal First Life style. The gestures also allowed very precise timing between animations (in tenth of seconds) and compound animations. That is, in a gesture if you do not add a "wait" step the two animations happen at the same time. The dancers mapped the gestures to function keys or could use "/gesture_name" to activate the phrase. It was up to the dancers to rehearse and time the execution of each gesture in order. Two other logistic set-backs were the unfortunate timing of broken gestures in Second Life that took several weeks away from us. Also, Inarra was closed out of Second Life for some reason and so I worked with a limited Alt for about several weeks as well until that was fixed. During these times, I tried working with both off-the-shelf and custom HUDs, but neither of them gave me all of the functionality that I needed. There were added lags in a HUD, for example, even though having buttons was nice for the dancers. In closing, this was an exhilirating experience with an absolutely wonderful committed artistic team. We learned an amazing amount of what Second Life can and cannot do, and what virtual and physical dance is and how it interconnects. We look forward to more exploration in the future. "
This is it.
For any of you who's willing to know more about SL Ballet, I advise that you join the Second Life Ballet group:). It is open enrollment, so you can do that directly from the Search Menu.
Meanwhile, I announce you what Inarra told me: Sunday (Easter day...) there will be a new performance by SL Ballet, at 4 PM:)
Might see you guys there!


Maniac joke and nice turnouts :)

Hahahaha, well, don't get scared by the title of this post... the maniac joke is just a silly attachment I made for Xavy (at least... the first one I made was for Xavy...lol) which shoots out particles textured as the owner's picture. Lol... it's so funny!
I still have to modify the script to make it a little bit "spicier", using doc's words, maybe with some blingies too. But, as for now, it's already funny enough!
I put the script in my ao, and set it so that everytime someone types my name in the chat there's an explosion of my pictures around the room! Haha, that's where the "maniac" name comes from...

Anyways, the "nice turnouts" are that, since I made this silly thing and was so totally cracked up by it, I told some friends, and I got the chance to see them, talk to them (take their picture... like with gurl and doc:)).
And now there are always more and more friends of mine having the silly attachment (and I hope they will like it... although I will understand them fully if they stop using it lol).

In particular I had the chance to "host" at CanDy Silks GURL and doc for a photo-shooting section! hahaha, sorry guys, I made you wait there like zombies for so long...I had to work...
But it was nice, wasn't it? I don't even think the 2 of you had ever met before (since doc rarely pleases us residents with his presence... :D).
Hehe, well, just hope GURL will not steale my math tutor, or I'll be lost!!! LMAO, yes, I did tell them : "hey guys, not that close, please" while they were posing for the maniac joke's pictures!!!
It was soo funny:) I'm very glad I got to see you... the both of you! MUAH!

Then, today it was a great day also because I finished my new gown (haha, so proud of it, I think this one looks a lot better... a lot more "poofy" lol) AND because Pall&Kuc got back!!!
Yey, I missed you guys! You'll have to tell me everything about your last days! But I'll wait till we get some free and relaxed time:)

Now, Clio needs to brush her teeth rl, cause she just got back from a japanese restaurant and still has the wasabi taste in her mouth (and she is NOT liking it!).

Wish you all a fabulous night!


Finally out! Prima Gown!!!

Yesss! As you can see, Prima Gown has finally come out! It's the first gown I make, so please be soft with your judgements (kidding, I do appreciate critics... help me learn and improve).
Do come and check it out at CCard's... at the Golden Temple (Celtic 90, 60, 30). And since it is the first formal dress I make, this first week will be available for only 99L$!!!

I am just so happy I finally made it...lol, I've waited too much!

Well, I hope you'll like it and you will keep coming to The Golden Temple, since it will soon open and there will be a lot of new things, from the zoo to the beach (to my store and Zammie and Chiwa's...).

And I do think that in a couple days I'll hang on my store's walls a new top, too:)
Bye and good day/night/whatever to you all!


Celtic's beach:)

Hehe, I know The Golden Temple hasn't reopened in its new location yet (which will be in Celtic 92,60,30)... but I wanted to show you a little preview of one of the many things our new club will have. Among them there are a zoo and this nice and quiet beach where I'm having a beer and a chat with 2 of my brothers and one of my sisters... and of course with our Daddy!!!

Here's a picture of the 4 of us (sorry Daddy, you're not in it cause you were sitting right in front of us lol).

There will be lots of fun for everyone at the new club... I hope you all will come visit:)

Then, going back to friendships for a while, I want to say this to Pall (lol, to whom I said the same thing many times already, actually...) : I know what you mean Pall. I know it is awefull that we have such great friends on sl and, since we don't know them rl, we wouldn't even know what could have happened to them, if they disappeared...

That's one of the reasons SL is not a great place to get stuck in: nothing is actually real. Only some (yes, some... cause people who deceive us do exist and they are everywhere) of the nice moments passed with our friends, with whom we never even spent a second of our Real Life.

It's a dangerous thought... takes the fun away. I hate thinking about what could happen to my friends without even knowing it. And I'm "lucky" that I partially know the families of some of my best friends... so I might still have some news about them... "If I died, Kuc will probably get on sl after a while and tell you...". But I don't even want to think about the possibility of that.

I know it's true but it's also sad... so I prepare to think about it the less I can.

See you all at the Golde Temple:) (sorry for the sadness lol)



Good evening everyone:)
Tonight I'm going to say a few words about my SL job.
OK, as you might have understood by now... I am a sales rep at CanDy Silks. Which means: I just wait at the store, I greet customers and I am available if they need help or advice:)
Lol... many people ask me: why do you need to work in a boutique, if you have your own business, now?
Hahahahaha, well... to all of you: I still do need a job... because to make my clothes I need to upload textures... and this is not too cheap...
Besides, I don't shop much, but sometimes I do, and the more money I have in my account, the smallest seems the amount spent lol...

I cannot complain about my fashion business... because it started just a little ago and it is going pretty good (not counting these last days... we don't really have our club going lately...).
But of course I don't have enough styles to actually make a difference. Nor my prices are high enough (lol... at least that's what some say).

Working on SL is almost a "status-symbol". There are basically 4 families of people:1) the newbies, who just wonder about SL... some look for money, others for a job, others just wonder... and chat up people. 2) The average. People who are no longer in their newbiehood, but don't look too old. They sometimes camp, and are not registered. So they don't have a lot of money. They play the game to meet new people, see old friends, and just have fun:) 3) Workers. Lol... people like me, basically... I started looking for a job as soon as I got on SL. And now that I am starting a little business myself, I could not imagine to drop my job... 4) Registered residents, who generally have a house (or more than one) and look fatastic.

Hahahaha, the funny thing is that noobs (lol, sorry if I use this term when referring to newbies...) don't even notice the difference, most fo the times. I can say that because I was a noob not too long ago... I remember (unfortunately) how naive I was thinking I looked almost as others... LMAO!!!
[ok... I'll show you one picture of me in my "middle newbiehood"... I was something like 1 week old lol... please don't laugh too loud or I'll definitely hear you!]

LMAO, after that scary thing you just saw... let's go back to the serious talk...
As I said... working is one of the criteria to classify people on sl... Actually we could say that money is, not just working.
It all starts at the point during our registration where they ask us to provide our credit card infos (or paypal account, I guess...). I was among those who just clicked on the "Skip this step"link, as soon as they read "credit card" written on the top of the page.

I didn't even know how much the 250L$ bonus would be... I didn't know anything about Linden dollars, nor I knew if I could get them in any way inside SL.

Of course, it is easy to find out how economics work on the grid at Help Island, already. There I learned that everything is bought with Linden $ and that there are ways to get some L$ inworld, without actually buying them (and for this infos I would like to thank the SL Help guys that go and help newbies as soon as they get on help island).

So... when I got on the maingrid (obviously I was over-excited, cause I did not know what was waiting for me in this whole new and wide spread world!) I tried to find a place where to get some money.

Of course, first thing I did was typing "job" in the search window. LOL, there were something like 1000 results for that word! And a poor noob certainly doesn't know where would be better to go and look for money/job...

I did end up in various sex-clubs, where they were hiring dancers and escorts, but noone would hire a 1-day old noob, right? Besides, I didn't even know yet about the necessity to fill in an application form. So I never really tried too hard to be hired lol.
Still, I will use this space to say (for the noobs that might be reading this post, and may be looking for a job) that if you are 1 or 2 weeks old, and you want a job, you can definitely find it in some sex-club. Maybe not in the naughtiest and most popular ones (where they look for girls and guys who are pretty familiar with sl and have hot avs... which means costly skin and hair), but average clubs hire a lot, and they are willing to hire 2weeks-newbies too.

Since I thought that noobs (under 30 days) would not be hired anywhere, I started camping.

As all campers, I was bored all the time and I didn't make a lot of money. I also have that huge problem that is my internet connection: it drops every now and then: I couldn't just sit there hoping to keep making money for a long time... I would just be kicked out after very few pay cicles...

So, as I kept looking for a job, I found out that CanDy Silks was hiring, IMed Cape and got an interview scheduled for next day... On January the 23rd Clio finally got her job!!!

Lol... had a lot to learn, both about prims and clothes... and about general issues (like: how do I know if an item is transfer?), but I am super-glad to work there and I hope I'll just learn some more everyday:)

Hehe, meanwhile, I changed from the absolutely scary newbie I was (look up again, so you can have one more laugh... :D) to a pretty old-looking girl (well, that's what I think, at least).

And, as you know, I also started a business thanks to Kawa:)

Now my brothers, my sisters and me are working (mainly Disco is... lol) to have the Golden Temple back as soon as we can:) and so we'll have a lot to work and to party again!!! And you're all invited, as usual:)

... well Folks... this time I just wrote down whatever thought crossed my mind, so I apologize for the absolute mess and non-sense of this post (maybe I should have apologized at the beginning, already! lol).
Take care:)


My first gown...?

Mhmmm, tonight no SL for Clio.

I can't log on, too busy RL.

Besides, these days everytime I log on I get stuck into thinking how I can modify the prim for my first formal gown.

Yes, people. I want to start making gowns :)

I know it is hard... much harder than making tops and pants' textures, which can be easily drawn on templates. To make prim skirts I have to go through a whole new learning process (and I just got out from the texturing learning process... lol... yeah, let's pretend I learned enough :)).

Those who have already visited the store probably noticed I already used prims for a couple of outfits(here some examples). But to make those skirts it took so much less than to get my first long and formal gown done.

I am just to picky about it:)

Or maybe I just got my eyes to be used to absolutely perfect gowns, being surrounded by them everyday at work. Lol... I cannot believe how many details Cape has to cure for each dress she makes. They all look gorgeous. And I so wish one day I'll be able to make something that can look at least half as good.

Well, this was just to tell you: get ready, Clio might be shooting out some formal-wannabe new item soon:)

I wanted to stick a picture of the gown as it is now (which might be the actual one I'm gonna sell), but I've just changed my mind (lmao), because I don't want to take away the surprise factor for all of you who are reading this (nearly noone) and who still haven't seen it.

Everyone I asked for an opinion on it, so far, told me it looks very pretty :))) But maybe they were just being nice:) (since, as you've read on the SL friendship post, all my friends are nice ... :D).

Hahaha, so you'll just have to hold your breath for a while... Prima Gown (cause that's going to be the name) is almost ready:)

Check at the Golden Temple in Doraji (or in Celtic, where our new location is going to be...) to see if it has come out already or not:)