Eye-catching Pandora Dress!

Hello lovelies!
New release this weekend!
I thought it was really time to release something good for partying and for being wild.
So here is a versatile short dress: it can be an eccentric cocktail dress or a classy chic party outfit. It's up to you!
The skirt is super flexi and nicely flowing, and a little ribbon is attached to the single shoulder strap.
Sexy stockings are included to complete the look and make the guys drool ;)

It is available in 6 different flashy colours combinations and it can be purchased as copy/no transfer or transfer/no copy, once again :)
It's 50% OFF till tomorrow!
Come grab them while they're HOT! [TP to store]
OR buy them online from XstreetSL®: just click on the pictures to be redirected to the XstreetSL listing :) 

Also available on SLAPT.ME in both the transferable and the copiable version!!! [shop online now]

Enjoy! :D
And stay tuned for next week's release ;)

With love,

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Sonya Cocktail Dress

Here it is!
Finally a new release on my walls!
It's a cocktail dress with a very low neck plunge.
The skirt is right above the knee, poofy, and with a lacey underlayer that matches the colourful stockings (included, too).
I added some flowers to top, skirt hem and gloves to celebrate the nice weather we're having here these days :D
I will keep it half price for the first 24 hours, to allow subscribers and group members to come get it with a discount.
Again, I made the item available as both 'Copy/No Transfer' and 'Transfer/No Copy', so you can choose your favourite version :) Both can be find at my main store [TP from here].
OR buy them online from XstreetSL®: just click on the pictures to be redirected to the XstreetSL listing :)  

Hoping you will enjoy it,
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Also seen on One Thing At A Time.


Preview time!

Shhh! These are super secret sneaky teaser-previews!
Soon to be released in store, but if you want to make sure to really know before anybody else: join my subscribers' list or my inworld group. Subscribers and group members will get the notice about the newly released items in time to purchase them with a discount ;)

Hope you'll like them!
With love,


Maasai complete avatar at PXL Creations!

Hey hey everybody!
Just released at PXL Creations main store, a full avatar inspired by African Maasai women!
As I promised, I was working together with other designers ;)
Hart Larsson of PXL Creations had decided to create a Deep Tan version of his Efe skin (my favourite!), and being it a very chocolatey colour, he thought it would be cool to make it "special". He added a tribal tattoo on the skin, got some nice Maasai jewelry to go with it, and had me made a tunic that could complement the skin.
So now the gorgeous Efe Deep Tan (both clear and tattooed), the jewelry, and my tunic are ALL available at PXL Creations' mainstore!!!
You can buy each item separately or get them all together!
(pssssst: Hart has a special discounts on the skin and on his full avatar for those who are in his VIP group;))

Hope you enjoy this unusual release!
For more info and all the photo credits: http://pxlcreations.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/pxl-efe-deeptan-maasai-avatar/