Sleek and sweet!

It's finally out!
You saw a preview of it, and now I finally managed to hang it out on my walls:)
The 7 available colours are shown on the poster above. I added Wietse Cassini's resizer script in the skirts, so that you will be able to modify the attachments even without mod permissions (cause yeah, I am stuck on my no-mod policy...).

ALL the colours are 50% OFF until Monday!
Hurry up! They're at my MAIN STORE :)

Another bit of news is:
I am starting to recolour white and script with a resizer my old items.
I have quite a few items, so I will be upgrading a few boxes at a time... and I am adding a stripe of text under the vendors, saying "These gowns have a resize script inside..." (so you will know which groups of vendors were updated).
I have already done the Queue de Paon items, the Loredana Gown, and the Gwen gowns, and expect to have a few more done over the weekend. I will post news here, on my blog!


Photo credits:

  • skin by PXL Grace FAIR with all colours but the gold one which is Grace Deep Tan;
  • hair by House of Heart - Baby;
  • poses by Storin (shots of the purple gown), [LAP] (shots of the rose gown), *AnaLu Fresh poses* (shots of all the rest);
  • jewelry by Alienbear - Oriental Spring lu shui Necklace;
  • shoes by Maitreya - Slinky Stiletto.


Coming this weekend:)

As I said: this weekend! Not YET!
But since I was taking pictures for the vendor-posters, I decided I'd share them with you a little earlier than the actual release.
I absolutely love this shot! I look adorable!

The gown is sleeky, sexy (deep split hehe), and fully hand drawn. It has a long train in the back and top&pants available on all layers.

7 colours will be available! It will be available HERE by Saturday :)

Hope you like it ;)


Photo credit:

  • skin by PXL;
  • pose by AnaLu Fresh Poses;
  • hair by House of Heart;
  • jewelry by Alienbear.


Fashion Designers Challenge is approaching!

Today is the deadline!

The 35 brave designers who accepted the challenge are finally ready to pack their efforts in the final outfits/jewels/shoes/hair/skins!
Multiple categories, team work and a lot of fun!
The Fashion Designers Challenge was born from an idea of Samsara Nishi, who sent out invites to take part to this HIGHLY unusual event:)

You can read more about it on the official FDC blog.

All the items are to be released on the 5th of May, with a pre-launch (for press and bloggers) on the 30th of April! That's soon!
And I can assure you there will be loads to see and tons to be surprised of!

A big thank to Samsara for letting me be a part of this, and to Mouse Mimistrobell, who has been a splendid team-mate!
Stay tune to see the actual outcome of what Mouse and I had to create ;)