Barbara Gown in store ;)

New formal just released in store.
I love the fluffy feeling this gown has.
The super flexi skirt is perfect for dancing as it is gentle while moving.
The top has a very deep cut in front and a very large hole on the back, revealing a lot of skin without looking too inappropriate.
The pattern on the whole dress comes from a stylized flower I came up with while doodling, and I pasted the actual flower on the bottom of the skirt panels.
The skirt won't show your legs yet it is vaporous and gives a sheer taste.
I added a pair of wrist-length gloves matching the gown's colour.
Top & pants come on all layers, and the dress is, as always, transferable: makes a splendid gift!

Be sure to come get it here :)



  • skin by PXL Creations;
  • hair by Truth.


Valentine's release

New gown I made for Valentine's day!
Super pink and super flirty!

Perms are set to transferable, as always, and it's 350L$. It can make a nice gift for a special lady;)
Get it here !

Credits for the poster:

  • skin by PXL Creations;
  • hair by Truth


Heart of Love goal was met!!!

Hello lovelies:)
I wanted to inform everyone that the Heart of Love goal was met yesterday!!!
I am so grateful to everyone who donated to help this cause, and to the group of wonderful people who have worked to put the whole campaign up.

All proceeds exceding the 'limit' that was imposed back then when we started will be going to RFL.
So, I will have my 4 Jacqueline Bicolour gowns still up for that till tonight, then will change them to regular vendors , and will be giving 100% of the income to Shir. This is a personal choice, not something related to Heart of Love. I just think I can help Shir a tiny bit more by keeping those dresses selling for her till the whole campaign is officially over.
I will still have the donation box in store for a couple weeks, and that is going to collect funds for RFL.

Again, for updates, here is a link to Flutter Memel's blog.

Also, I am going to take down the actual gift vendors tomorrow. I will place a new gift out (my Rezday gift:)) and then will be changing the gift once a week, picking among my regularly sold items:)
I hope this will spice the thing up a bit;)

Again a big big, deep and warm hug to everyone who contributed in allowing Shir to get her surgery done.

Have a wonderful day:)



Fernanda Dresses

Hi hi:)
I have just released in my store this new casual!
It comes from the idea I posted back in December... I obviously changed it a bit as I considered new options:)
Top and pants come on all layers, and the sculpted prim skirt is modifiable:)

50% OFF the Fuchsia and the Colours Pack until Monday 26th!

Available in my store.

And don't forget about Heart of Love!
The goal is almost met!

Credits for the poster:

  • skin by PXL, Linda in special charity edition for Heart of Love;
  • hair by Exile, Shir: special hair style for Heart of Love.


HoL and other news:)

First of all, I have a HUGE, GREAT, SENSATIONAL news about Heart of Love!
This morning it reached the supah-dupah amount of 542000 L$!!!

I am so glad this is working! For more updates, you can check Flutter Memel's blog :)

Then, some news about the shows I had/should have had this month!
On the 12th, as planned, I was featured at Mantova Festival.

Then, the show I should have had yesterday night, Monday 19th, was shifted forward to Fwbruary 2nd!
I can invite up to 10 people to be in the audience. I will not be able to attend, myself, due to RL.
I'd be very glad if anyone with a blog or writing for any magazine or similar wanted to go see the show:) It's at 3PM SL time. Also live on slcn.tv:)



Heart of Love releases

Jacqueline bicolour line has just been added on my store walls.
These gowns are something I have been thinking of for quite some time.
I wanted to remake the Jacqueline in new colours, and loved the idea of having a double coloration on the dress.
I always procrastinated the release of these dresses until now.

Why is that?
I found out a young SL content creator, with a very severe disease, is in the bad need to get a heart transplant.
This was shocking news. I am not too close to this person in SL. I have very few people I talk to on a regular basis, cause I am just like that. I keep on my own unless others approach me themselves. But when I realised what was going on I thought "Wait a minute. I have the chance to help Shir from home, doing my usual work".

Luckily enough, some friends of Shir's started "Heart of Love", a charity event dedicated to raising money to pay for Shir's surgery.

I have participated to many fund raising campaigns over the last 2 years. All through SL.
Loads of content creators have been raising funds for big organisations like RFL, Make-A-Wish, National Breast Cancer Association and many more.
For once, I am faced with a charity event that is very precisely oriented towards a single goal: give Shir a new heart.

I couldn't just let it go. I am a little peanut, and the dresses I can make and sell to raise funds are little peanuts, too... but a load of peanuts can make a big difference, and I really hope this action to help Shir will succeed.

I am selling the dresses you see on top of this post for 500L$ each, and I am giving 100% of the proceeds to Heart of Love.

I also have a donation box in my store, to donate smaller (or bigger!) amounts, that will directly go to the fund raising avatar.

If you have any questions about Shir's conditions, you can find some more info here.

[NB: the Black & White version is also for sale at Sweethearts Jazz Club]

Floreale Gowns now in store

Quick bit of news before dipping myself in RL: Floreale gowns are now out in my main store!
These were the gowns I had released during the Stylista festival, to help raising funds for Make A Wish.

They are the first of many (hopefully) new releases I will have out this week... stay tuned!

Photo credits:

  • Hair&hat by Exile;
  • Skin by PXL Creations.


Harriet Dress out!!!

I just released in my main store this new casual dress!
It's a lovely design, perfect for partying or for a special date;)
Top and pants come on all layer options.

And this weekend the RED and the FATPACK are 50% OFF! (only for the weekend! Hurry up!).
Available here:)

Then, this month I have 2 shows coming up!

  • Monday 12th of January: 10 items from my line (some of the most meaningful pieces released in 2008) will be shown on the catwalk during the Mantova Festival. The event is organised by Runway Productions.
    The show starts at 12PM with Patrizia Blessed creations, I am expected to be presented at 12:30 PM :)
    Here is the location.
  • Monday 19th of January: I am the featured designer for the weekly MODA Spotlight event!
    For the second time, after 1 year, I am given the honour of being showcased by MODA models, in a recorded and aired on SLCN.tv show.
    Attendance to this event might not be granted, but it will be show live on SLCN.tv, where they will have a podcast available, too:)
Credits for the poster:
  • skin by Hart Larsson of PXL Creations;
  • hair by Kavar Cleanslate of Exile;
  • jewelry by Night Stone.


New gifts in store:)

Hehe, some tiny news:
I have placed in my store a gift I sent out to group members for Christmas. It is now available for everyone who is in my group AND has my store in profile picks :) [here is a post about it]
The gifting script was made by PXL... and I have been using it lately... and will keep using it! lol.

Plus, still talking about new scripted things (always by PXL) I have out in my store a mailbox that will collect notecards and will send them directly to my email! Yes! It actually READS the notecard!

I love Hart Larsson for making that tool, lol... so everyone'd better start using it! ;)

Lots of love, and hoping to have many news soon!