Pictures from the show at Casablanca Society Lounge!

Here they are!
All the wonderful girls who helped me out with the first show I have ever organised myself lmao.

It was a hard time to cope with all the things going on this week, mostly due to this fashion show lol. The girls know how hard it has been...
Anyways, here's a taste of what the show was like!
I don't have pictures of all the outfits. I have been distracted a couple times because I would paste on the wrong description (ugh...) and because I had a single-person RL audience who was getting me a bit too talkative hehe... so sorry but we lack 5 shots.
Here are the girls, anyways, another big thank you to all of them, Annabelle, SerinaJane, Liane, Tiffany, Yvonne and Willemina.
You deserve some special prize for being so patient with me hehe.

And also look at the little loner on the stand on the far right of the pictures... that's me announcing... and hitting my own head when I did that only thing wrong! Lol.

Thanks to the owners and managers of the Casablanca Society Lounge (click here to visit inworld:)) and to the gorgeous models and warm audience!!!


Clio :)

Merovingi Fashion Awards over!

Hey all!
I have just gone through the fullest week of my whole Second Life.
I have run in a contest among loads of very talented people, got the chance to meet some of them, organised that famous fashion show (which went great!!! I will post some pictures)...
And I need to thank SO many people for their support during this time! I was so glad to get your appreciations through this, and your votes hehe:)
Unfortunately they were not enough to actually walk home with a little statue in my hands, but they were definitely enough to make me feel so proud.
I hope I will always deserve those votes I was given this week, and for that I'll try and make sure I will keep improving! ... there's always another chance next year ;-)

Sending you a BIG BIG hug... thank you all for being so wonderfully supportive!!!



Hello everyone!
I finally got back home, and obviously back to SL (lol... damn addiction, huh?).
I was soooo busy these last 2 days... and will probably be for the whole next week.
Why is that?
Because the Merovingi Fashion Awards final votations are JUST around the corner!!! Yes! Starting from tomorrow, everyone will be able to visit the SIMs where the designers nominated will be displaying their items. Here is where I set up my little shop.
It's messy.... don't get scared as you walk in... VERY messy lol.
But I wanted to show as much of my creations as possible, so I put in as many posters as I could... LOL, hope it's not too scary.
Anyways, for the occasion I also released as a freebie one cute outfit in Lilac:

It is like a preview of my next line.... not too sure if I'll keep the polkadots going, maybe yes, maybe no. Anyways this very dress will be available only until the end of the votations, for 1L$, and all the income (little, I know:)) will go to Doctors Without Borders and to the America Breast Cancer Association.

Another thing I made to raise funds is this special edition of the Jacqueline Gown.

As I already posted: Thank you so much! to all those who have supported me in the first stage of these awards! And hope that, if my work is appreciated, you will come back and support again:) It's always nice to see some response from you all!!!

Beijos a todos!

Clio Cardiff :)


RL vacation hence rarely available for SL

Hello everyone:)
Just a short info: I am out of town at the moment... as for actually out of the country lol.
I will get back home with my laptop on the 14th of April, so till then I can't know how often I'll be able to read my emails and get on SL.
I hope there will be no big issues to take care of.
Be sure I will get all your IMs in my mailbox, anyways... so if you need anything you can just try to contact me leaving an offline IM. I have to apologise, though, cause it might take 1/2 or 3 days to get back to you.

Take care y'all!

Clio Cardiff