HUGE formals' sale! Starting NOW!

Starting today, Saturday 27th February (2010) ALL Clio's formals are discounted 50 to 60 %!

Yes, that's right, to celebrate that we reached 1000 subscribers, my entire formal collection is for sale at half price or less for one or two weeks.
The ending date is still to be decided, so hurry up and come shop before it's too late ;)

The discount is applied ONLY to the Copy-No Transfer items and ONLY at my main store on Sunrise Island.
The only exception is the Rania range, which is discounted but still transferable.
 [TP to my main store]

I hope you will like this idea of mine :)

With love,

Photo credits:
  • skin by [PXL];
  • hair by Exile.


Spring in February with Melanie

New release!
Springy dress with sculpted skirt and sculpted collar.
It comes in 10 cheerful colours.
I will be trying (at least for now) to sell it with 2 different options: Copy-No Transfer and Transfer-No Copy. I hope this will turn out fine :)
They are all discounted of 50% until the end of the week!
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Come get them!

Oh, and about the items I used this time to model:  the hair is by Kavar Cleanslate of Exile, who just renewed all his textures and made them a lot more natural and somewhat 'soft'.
While the skin is my first big love for [PXL], the Linda (in various tones and makeups).


Photo credits:


Say Goodbye to many 2007 items...

Just a quick word!
My retiring sale, that's been going on forEVER, is finally going to end next weekend. Prices down to less than 10% their original price!
You can either come by my main store, or BUY ON XSTREETSL at SALE price!
Yes, my oldest creations, the items I started my business with, they are all going to be taken off my walls and off XstreetSL in a week.
Then, the next step will be to actually update XstreetSL with the products released at the end of 2008 and through all 2009!
Make sure to at least browse those things priced 10/25/75 L$, and have a laugh :)
I think I can say I improved quite a lot since back then, but looking at those items awakens so many memories that I feel very sad in throwing them away.
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[To my XstreetSL page]

Oh, well, stay tuned for news!



Hey all!
Just sharing a little preview of what is possibly coming by the first days of next week.
It's a short and colourful dress with sculpted skirt.

I am still working on finishing it, but it might be out in a few light and cheerful colours very soon :)

A little information: the sale I am having for the bunch of retiring items will be over next weekend! I think I waited even too long before throwing those things away. :)
So, well, come pick them up if you're still interested! I lowered everything even more!
[To the store]

Also, thanks to all who have filled in the survey I sent out.
I am still going to wait until next weekend before actually making conclusions, because I didn't get too many back yet. Please, do send them back, as it will allow me to change towards the best direction.
If you need a copy of it, let me know and I will gladly send it your way :)

Lots of hugs,

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New colourful and delicate release: Elodie!

New release for the papillon collection!
It is a very simple dress in very light and flowery colours.
The flexi skirt is divided in two pieces, one attached to spine, the other to pelvis.
Each option is bicolour, with gloves and under-skirt layer in a different hue.
On the shoulders; optional frilly attachments to complete the outfit.

The dresses are all transferable and hand drawn from scratch, as usual.
Full collection pack available, as well, at a discounted price! 
OR buy them online from XstreetSL®: just click on the pictures to be redirected to the XstreetSL listing :)   

All are available at my main store : [TP to store]

For the weekend: 50 % OFF on each colour and on the full collection pack!

RED version is a FREE Valentine's Day gift! (no transfer)

Hope you like them :)


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Papillon collection 1st release: Autumn!

Welcome back me!
For all my loving supporters, customers and friends, here is the first new release after many months!

This new item not only signifies the beginning of my come-back to SL, but also the start of a new collection I will be continuing through the last portion of this winter and most of the spring.
The collection is named "Papillon". Why? I don't know really. I just think papillon is a super cute word. It's cute even when translated in spanish and italian, lol... not so much in english :-/
But then, butterflies are also adorable flying insects, full of colours and gentleness. Very feminine, very fresh, very cheerful. I think these are all great starting points for a good makeover of my brand (cause yeah, folks, Clio has been around since August 2007... it's old!).
Of course, "Clio" will remain my signature on all my items (easy to remember... plus, after 2 years, it's a pity to trash it), but I will group my releases in collections. Each collection will be more or less like an RL fashion collection, and every new collection will have a new name and new layouts/ideas... we'll see what I will manage to make out of this choice of mine :D

The first item I am introducing from my new Papillon collection, then, is a revision of my Starlight Exclusives/Little Black Book Autumn. The boutique has sadly closed, and although RubyStarlight Writer did allow us to sell our creations in our main stores, I decided to leave it as an exclusive item for her own boutique, thus I will not sell it at my store.
This new version has been retextured, and coloured in brighter hues, to fit to the papillon theme :)
Eight colours in total. All very springy and for all tastes.
The skirts are resizeable (via script) and the perms are set to transfer (no copy) to allow gifting... especially as Valentine's Day approaches ;)


They are all available at my main store !

50% OFF for the weekend! Come grab them while they're hot! :D

Lots of love,

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Coming soon... papillon collection.

New collection coming soon.



Get ready for a come back!

Little teaser!
I am not completely disappeared, as you can see, so... I have a new design coming out in a few days! Don't miss it!