Autumn : Fall design!

(photo by Elysium Elide)
Starlight Exclusives is finally open!!!
[TP to the boutique]

This is the dress I created!
It has a large, uneven flexi skirt over a tight and sexy corset.
The skirt can be resized 8while the other attachments and modificable.
Transferrable! Makes a great gift ;)

As you see, it's in 3 different colours, inspired by 3 different autumn themes.
I will tell you more about it one of these days (when I have more time to go through the whole inspiration story hehe).

Meanwhile, follow my advice to go visit the shop, cause it's full of creations from many great designers!



Launch of Starlight Exclusives... this Sunday!

The date has finally arrived!
In less than 48 hours, Starlight models will be showing off the items created by 17 different SL designers exclusively for Starlight Exclusives boutique! And I'm one of those designers! Woot!

There will be no peaking of what I made before the big show on Sunday, so make sure to come there if you want to see it! Or just visit the shop once it opens to public ;)
Click to TP to ICON Lifestyle SIM, where the shop is hosted.

I really hope to be able to be at the show... can't wait to see what my fellow creators have designed!




Starlight Exclusives!

You see my logo among those?
Sure you do, cause I had the honour to be selected as one of the creators of the items selling at Starlight Exclusives!

What is Starlight Exclusives?
Starting from August 30th, it will be an upscale boutique selling the creations of many different SL designers.
We were asked by Rubystarlight Writer, owner of Starlight Exclusives, to create a fall-inspired outfit to be sold only at her boutique until the end of the project -next year.
New designs will be introduced in the boutique every season.

Stay tuned for news about the kickoff of this awesome boutique and to see my fall - inspired creation :)



Swim suit for the day, gown for the night...

Finally a release after so many months!
I swear, I felt very bad not having time to create... but if RL needs me, I need to be in RL... so, well, let's not cry too much over the many many weeks passed with not a single release :)

This new one I have designed comes from an idea I've had since spring. I wanted to make a swim suit that could also be "turned into" a gown, adding a large skirt.
So, well, here it comes!
The top is on both shirt and jacket layers to fight the horrible shirt/pants bug we still have.
And for the gown version I changed the swimsuit bottom into a pair of glitch pants.
As you can see from the colours, I was really in the need for some summer :) Seven flashy and vibrant colours. I had a lot of fun putting them together, and I hope people will have fun wearing them :D

These new releases are out at my Main Store on Sunrise Island, where they will be 50% off for this first weekend.
The items are also available at my kiosk at Sweetheart Jazz Club!!!

Happy summer!

Also seen at One Thing at a Time.

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Sale & Hunt @Fusion SIMs ... & preview!

After a long long RL break, I am quickly steping back into SL! (did you miss me? lol)

First of all let me share with everyone the notice about a Sale and Hunt that is STILL going on until this weekend on Fusion SIMs! These SIMs are home to loads of cool shops, and have just opened! For this event, most stores are participating to a hunt and are having sales at their Fusion location!

I have my gift out in my shop on Fusion Grove (TP here) inside a steaming hot dog (lol) and a few selected items are marked 50% OFF! Hurry up before the event is over!

Then... tiny bit of news is I have a new release coming!
Here is a tiny sneaky preview hehe, as already posted on plurk some time ago.
I will be placing it out in my main store AND on my kiosk at Sweetheart Jazz Club starting from the 8th of August ;) Stay tuned!

Many huggs :-*