Romance (part one?)

Hehe, so... as you see my romance moments with Pall did NOT end:)
This is the 2 of us on his bed, again... and it's obvious we did go a little further (lol).
And now Pall will have to excuse me for all the "lol"s that will come out of my mouth while I go on telling you about our romance. You know I need to be laughing at stuff, Pall... so please don't be offended by it:)
So, anyways... since last update things went on as you can imagine from the picture. Pall can be so charming that any avie would melt (and me? lol... well, apart from laughing, I did think he was saying some very nice things). I am not an expert, you know by now, but I don't think that many people would get me to smile so broadly (and, look... I said "smile", not "laugh" :)).
It's funny to think of how hard it is for the most to express their feelings. Every guy, while kissing his girl, would naturally "wonder" with his lips on her face, over to the ears and neck. It's something all of us feel: a kind and (in some ways) pure showing of affection.
But how many people, while their avatar is kissing someone else's, would be able to type all the actions, making them real?
My friend is very modest: he says he's not a descriptive type of guy. But he managed to remind me RL sensations in a very nice way.
That's maybe the reason why people manage to get so close on SL. If someone is able to put in words and type down excatly what he would do in RL (of course, we're NOT considering the particular situation of someone who would not do those things... for any reason...), then the other does feel it. The two get all the good from it. And if they're not willing to make it something serious, then they are totally safe from any bad that could come: RL is still miles away from those kisses and cuddlings (and sex, too... why not?).
I don't know how having SL sex, or SL romancing in a general way, is like. The only person, who actually made me taste a little bit of it, is a very good friend, who's making me enjoy it very very much.
What I can say is: "I wish all the guys out there were as caring and sweet as he is "(lol). That would really make SL a wonderful place where to get something we can't get in RL.
Because, yes, in real world not everyone gets romanced the way we'd like to...and we all know that. I speak for myself.(cause, as you know, I am some kind of human icy-rock, who's never touched by anything related to feelings lol... ill from excessive rationality!!!).

So, well... I still have to think it over... This post is almot a non-sense little thing that came out my brain: I needed to write down some if this stuff before forgetting all the nice thoughts and feelings.
To pack up I just ask all the boys who'll be reading this (Pall... if you will, then you know it's not for you, cause you passed the test lol): please, do romance the ladies the way they want to be romanced. Saves a lot of time to you (LOL) and a LOT of pain to them.



Hahahaha, people!!! Did you think I died?
Cause I have been away from this poor, nearly abandoned blog for a very long time!
And today I am (shortly) back to tell you pretty much what's been happening lately.
First... for all those people who've tried, as time passed by, to say I am a smart girl: you are wrong!!!

LOL, see this actually pretty good looking picture?
Well, the skin I wear was bought by MISTAKE! Yes, lol, you might not believe it, also cause I am such a demoshopper (have 2 zillions demos in my poor and awfully loaded inventory) I was so out of my mind today that I accidentally bought a skin pack instead of a demo... and this is what I now have.
As you see I am far lighter than my actual color, so I said: never ever I am going to wear THIS skin! But then... I got a little used to it, and guess what? It has 2 tiny moles... but they're not in the average "tiny mole position" (i.e: over the lip, a lil to one side). One is on right cheek, and the other is under the outer tip of the right eye.
That's the mole I want RL! LOL
So that's already a very big point extra for this poor skin.... besides, it's a pack (so many different lipsticks), and it doesn't have a too heavy eye make up.
So... all these things together might convince me to wear it... who knows...

Then... last few days Pall has been "romancing" me a lot.... to help poor Clio to get out of her rusty shell... lol... he's so funny. (Muah, thanx for the help, Pall... lol).
Mhmmm... not too much new...

Hugs to everyone.


Some more romance...

:) Hahahaha, well, you might have got the idea of how I am, by now: I am cold as a stone. So it's more than fine to be a little impressed by all these last posts about romance and dates.

The thing is (lol) that avi Clio doesn't have to pay for what her real fleshy self is like, so why can't she have some fun?

Besides, I should be writing a post on SL relationships, soon, and I wouldn't have anything to write about! I NEED to test those pink and soft grounds to get an idea of what romance is like.

So here I am... on Pall's bed (hahahaha, who would have guessed I'd ever end up in his bed! LMAO) [JUST CUDDLING!] for a new picture of the "Romantic Moments" series LOL.

Don't we look cute?

Then... let's pretend I have something more to talk about... mhmmm, let's see:
I have been drawing advertising shirts for a couple of things: a club, a business, and an event. But I was also supposed to come up with 2 sets of Pijamas, one for guys and one for girls, from the "LAG SUCKS" line. With slippers, too! And I'm almost there... last details to think of, and then they'll be hanging on my walls.
I might think to also have 2 more colors for the Perpetua (I did for the Magnete), to give you all a wider selection to choose from LOL (and because I am kind of "looking for new ideas" at the moment).

OK, well... people, do leave a comment, if you read, let's try this again lmao.

A big hug to all of you.