Messy bag blogger's challenge!

Lol, ok... I am not a blogger (not officially, at least), but this challenge that's been going around lately sounds like fun!

So there's the messy content of my huge messy bag (mind, the purse is newish, that's why there was no random piece of paper with random info written on it... that's another 'must be in there' for my purses).

We have...

  • My huge bag I'm totally in love with.
  • An umbrella inside a shades-like case (ya never know when Milan is gonna start crying on you).
  • 2 (yes, at LEAST 2) packs of tissues... I am constantly sick :-/.
  • My shitty 3 years-or-so old wallet (full of receipts.. not too much money...).
  • My house keys.
  • 2 pair of gloves for my cold hands.
  • A tube of hand cream (still for my cold hands).
  • My super super old cell phone.
  • My tiny and oldish mp3 reader.
  • A little pen.
Lol, so, well, that's what was in my messy bag in a winter day...
And uhm... I guess I should start considering to replace my cell phone, mp3 reader... or at least my wallet! My stuff seems to be from a museum lmao.

What's in YOUR bag? :)


Merry Christmas, world!

Just a quick "Merry Christmas" to all those who are reading my blog ;)
The dress is a recolour of the Jacqueline I have made for my group inworld: Ice!
In the shot I am wearing Hart Larsson's gift to group: a very original frozen skin, my favourite one: Linda :) [available at PXL Creations for group members/subscribers who have PXL in picks :) ].

Hope you are all having a very bright day, and happy holidays!
Many hugs to everyone :D


Little gifty :)

Hey there lovelies:)
I am testing a tool a friend of mine made to send out gifts, and decided to release this little gifty for all those who are in my group and have my store in profile picks :)

The outfit is going to be released soon in store, and so will be the stockings, hopefully in a large variety of colours!

Grab it here!
And if you're interested in the gift sender script, check this out :)



A nice thing to do at Christmas

I found this on EFA's blog, and I thought it would be a good idea to share.

Be sure to go by and leave a message for those children: gifting a smile is one of the best thing we can do!

I know this post is not about fashion, but forget the fabulous Christmas outfits, the big diners, the glamour parties and the surprising presents for a while. Christmas is on the way and time to spend some of your time to take a little care of people who will need it in these days.

EFA - Noel - Children in hospital

A lot of children have to stay in the hospital during Christmas instead of being home with their family. You can make these days a little nicer for them by sending a message, let your imagination run free, your message will help to offer some comfort and hope for these children and will put a smile on their face.

How? It is very simple…

The “Fondation Réunica Prévoyance” in association with ”L’enfant@l’hopital” have set up a Christmas Message Tree. Take a taxi to this tree, simply click on the card to write the message you want to deliver to a child (in French or English - don’t forget to mention your country).

The “L’enfant@l’hopital” will collect these message and will take care of delivering the supporting messages to children in various hospitals in France.

Don’t forget to have a look at the drawings of the children too. These cartoons are part of a competition. In January you can visit this place again to vote on your favorite cartoon.

Merry Christmas!


Gwen, a new sassy gown :)

I have released a new dress just yesterday.
This is a design I have had on a hold since forever... months! And I finally found some time to finish it and put it up for sale :D
The top is simple, full of silky folds (as my usual, huh?) and comes on all layers. Same for the pants.
The prim skirt leaves legs daringly uncovered, but being it so large it also makes a good option for a dance in a classy club.
As always, 100% drawn by me.
Below are some of the 10 colours available, which can also be purchased as a complete Colours Pack.
See it inworld, here :)

And this is the poster to buy the Colours Pack :)

Hugs, and will be back soonish with new stuff!


Make-A-Wish new releases!

So, all this time I have been busy with my usual messy RL, and with THESE new releases I made to help raising funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Many SL designers (including me :)) have donated unique designs, limited editions or new releases that will be sold until the 31st of December, with 100% of the proceeds to help children through Make-A-Wish.

From the Drousilla, with suggestions and ideas from RubyStarlight Writer, I ended up with 2 very special dresses.
Drousilla Fire is a limited edition dress that will be available on the grid in only 15 copies.

Drousilla Night is the One-of-a-kind design I donated. Similar to the Fire version, but obviously unique. It will be up for auction bidding until the 31st of December! Hurry up! ;)

Then, a new release that will become part of my own line after this festival is over, is a big gown.
Floreale comes in 10 different colours, clothing on all layers & sculpted clutch.
I was feeling like big skirt and tiny prints, and so I made a big skirt and arranged thousands of tiny flowers on the dress :D

You can find all these things HERE :) Be sure to come by to also see the donations of my fellow designers, and to donate (even if not by buying :P)

With love,

Skin worn in all shots from PXL Creations, hair worn in Drousilla Fire's poster from House of Heart, hair worn in Drousilla Night and Floreale from Exile :)