Busy days in RL

So, last few days I have been very busy in RL (busy/sick.... don't let me think about it!). And was almost never on sl.
That's not really bad if you just consider it as 'staying away from my biggest addiction'. BUT, lately I had started enjoying so much my time with Pall, that I missed him these last few days. I could barely talk to him during those short minutes I was online.
And now he's also busy building up a huge project he's had in mind for a long time (maybe even since we first met:)). I would be so happy to help him out a bit, with the little I can do...
Well, I can't right now... and I feel very sorry for it, cause he told me so much about this project, and now that he's seeing the thing coming alive, I am awfully filled with stuff to do. (I shouldn't even be on sl at any time!!! But my addiction doesn't allow me to quit so easily:))
That's it... Clio is so busy!!! I haven't seen anyone on sl for a LONG time now! All the times I was online I would just go around and place items in rental spaces, nothing more....
So, Pall... please forgive me for not coming to see you these days... you know I would have loved to... and I know you understand and say 'it's ok', but you also know I need to say 'sorry', everytime:)

Bye for now, people:)

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