Sleek and sweet!

It's finally out!
You saw a preview of it, and now I finally managed to hang it out on my walls:)
The 7 available colours are shown on the poster above. I added Wietse Cassini's resizer script in the skirts, so that you will be able to modify the attachments even without mod permissions (cause yeah, I am stuck on my no-mod policy...).

ALL the colours are 50% OFF until Monday!
Hurry up! They're at my MAIN STORE :)

Another bit of news is:
I am starting to recolour white and script with a resizer my old items.
I have quite a few items, so I will be upgrading a few boxes at a time... and I am adding a stripe of text under the vendors, saying "These gowns have a resize script inside..." (so you will know which groups of vendors were updated).
I have already done the Queue de Paon items, the Loredana Gown, and the Gwen gowns, and expect to have a few more done over the weekend. I will post news here, on my blog!


Photo credits:

  • skin by PXL Grace FAIR with all colours but the gold one which is Grace Deep Tan;
  • hair by House of Heart - Baby;
  • poses by Storin (shots of the purple gown), [LAP] (shots of the rose gown), *AnaLu Fresh poses* (shots of all the rest);
  • jewelry by Alienbear - Oriental Spring lu shui Necklace;
  • shoes by Maitreya - Slinky Stiletto.

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