Swim suit for the day, gown for the night...

Finally a release after so many months!
I swear, I felt very bad not having time to create... but if RL needs me, I need to be in RL... so, well, let's not cry too much over the many many weeks passed with not a single release :)

This new one I have designed comes from an idea I've had since spring. I wanted to make a swim suit that could also be "turned into" a gown, adding a large skirt.
So, well, here it comes!
The top is on both shirt and jacket layers to fight the horrible shirt/pants bug we still have.
And for the gown version I changed the swimsuit bottom into a pair of glitch pants.
As you can see from the colours, I was really in the need for some summer :) Seven flashy and vibrant colours. I had a lot of fun putting them together, and I hope people will have fun wearing them :D

These new releases are out at my Main Store on Sunrise Island, where they will be 50% off for this first weekend.
The items are also available at my kiosk at Sweetheart Jazz Club!!!

Happy summer!

Also seen at One Thing at a Time.

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