RFL Clothing Fair is starting NOW!

Woooot, RFL Clothing Fair is now officially OPEN to public!!!
Yessss, and I am on MILAN SIM!!!
That's right! This year the theme of the fair is "Fashion Cities in the world", thus the 8 SIms hosting the designers' stores have been built inspired by 8 great fashion cities.
For this year's fair, I created 4 recolourings of 2 dresses from last year and 2 from the Papillon collection!
Here they are:

All money raised through these 4 vendors will go straight to RFL! Let's make this a big relay year!

And don't forget to pop at the stores of so many other designers who created their own RFL specials!


PS: The Loredana Gown has been covered by Gidge Uriza on Secont Style.

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