Sonya Cocktail Dress

Here it is!
Finally a new release on my walls!
It's a cocktail dress with a very low neck plunge.
The skirt is right above the knee, poofy, and with a lacey underlayer that matches the colourful stockings (included, too).
I added some flowers to top, skirt hem and gloves to celebrate the nice weather we're having here these days :D
I will keep it half price for the first 24 hours, to allow subscribers and group members to come get it with a discount.
Again, I made the item available as both 'Copy/No Transfer' and 'Transfer/No Copy', so you can choose your favourite version :) Both can be find at my main store [TP from here].
OR buy them online from XstreetSL®: just click on the pictures to be redirected to the XstreetSL listing :)  

Hoping you will enjoy it,
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Also seen on One Thing At A Time.

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rahad hossain said...

It’s look so beautiful! I am enjoy and love it very much.and I love very much sexy and wonderful dress.
Hope you had the greatest time living it up!!
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