Pandora Gown is released!

After the super eccentric Pandora Dress, I thought that someone might use a more formal version of the outfit!
So here it is: Pandora Gown.
The same six flashy colours have been restyled to cover your legs down to the floor, and leave your shoulders uncovered.
The gown moves sensually as it brushes the air all around your body. The vibrant colours make this formal gown something that really stands out in a crowd.
The dress is complemented by a pair of tight opera gloves and a flexi head piece.
All 6 colours are available as copy/no transfer or transfer/no copy, and are purchasable one by one or all together in the Full Collection pack.
100% hand drawn from scratch as my usual :) You can find them all in my main store. [TP to main store].
OR buy them online from XstreetSL®: just click on the pictures to be redirected to the XstreetSL listing :)

As always, I hope you will enjoy:)
With love,

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