Dedicated to Liane.

Here it is!
Brand new casual dress, dedicated to the lovely Liane Maertens, talented SL model.

Liane dress is flirty yet classy, a bit naughty but stylish.
The top shows a large portion of the left side of the bust, while frills partially cover the right shoulder. The skirt is double-layered, soft and uneven.

As always, it is completely hand drawn and I made it resizable via script which can then be deleted after fitting.
It is available in 6 colours (or in a full collection pack) and both as COPY/NO TRANSFER or TRANSFER/NO COPY.
Where to get it? Either [TP to my main store] or click on the posters to be redirected to the Marketplace listings.

I hope you like them!
Make sure to check back for new updates :)

With love,

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