Fashion for Life 2011, starting NOW!

And going on through the 22nd of March!
This year there's been a little change in organisation, but I am pretty sure the fair will be a huge success!
All the info you might need (questions answered, list of designers participating, list of events and so on) can be found on Fashion for Life Official Website.
This year's theme is "Beyond Black & White", and we were totally free to interpret that however we wanted. I, as colours-addict, stuck to the theme and contributed EXCLUSIVELY black and white items. Some are from my past years, some are brand new releases that will be available to public first of all at the fair, in their black and white version.

What else is great about this year?
There is going to be a HUNT going on (with hunt items prices 10 to 100L$ and ALL proceeds going to RFL) and many many designers have set up Gatcha kiosks! So with a tiny donation you can get a random item among 6 different ones!

I am on the Ansel Adams SIM, together with a lot of wonderful formal wear designers. [TP to Ansel Adams SIM]

 Don't miss the chance to come by and shop for a good cause! The fair closes its door on March the 22nd, so you do have time! ;)

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Lots of love,

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