Hahahaha, people!!! Did you think I died?
Cause I have been away from this poor, nearly abandoned blog for a very long time!
And today I am (shortly) back to tell you pretty much what's been happening lately.
First... for all those people who've tried, as time passed by, to say I am a smart girl: you are wrong!!!

LOL, see this actually pretty good looking picture?
Well, the skin I wear was bought by MISTAKE! Yes, lol, you might not believe it, also cause I am such a demoshopper (have 2 zillions demos in my poor and awfully loaded inventory) I was so out of my mind today that I accidentally bought a skin pack instead of a demo... and this is what I now have.
As you see I am far lighter than my actual color, so I said: never ever I am going to wear THIS skin! But then... I got a little used to it, and guess what? It has 2 tiny moles... but they're not in the average "tiny mole position" (i.e: over the lip, a lil to one side). One is on right cheek, and the other is under the outer tip of the right eye.
That's the mole I want RL! LOL
So that's already a very big point extra for this poor skin.... besides, it's a pack (so many different lipsticks), and it doesn't have a too heavy eye make up.
So... all these things together might convince me to wear it... who knows...

Then... last few days Pall has been "romancing" me a lot.... to help poor Clio to get out of her rusty shell... lol... he's so funny. (Muah, thanx for the help, Pall... lol).
Mhmmm... not too much new...

Hugs to everyone.

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