Some more romance...

:) Hahahaha, well, you might have got the idea of how I am, by now: I am cold as a stone. So it's more than fine to be a little impressed by all these last posts about romance and dates.

The thing is (lol) that avi Clio doesn't have to pay for what her real fleshy self is like, so why can't she have some fun?

Besides, I should be writing a post on SL relationships, soon, and I wouldn't have anything to write about! I NEED to test those pink and soft grounds to get an idea of what romance is like.

So here I am... on Pall's bed (hahahaha, who would have guessed I'd ever end up in his bed! LMAO) [JUST CUDDLING!] for a new picture of the "Romantic Moments" series LOL.

Don't we look cute?

Then... let's pretend I have something more to talk about... mhmmm, let's see:
I have been drawing advertising shirts for a couple of things: a club, a business, and an event. But I was also supposed to come up with 2 sets of Pijamas, one for guys and one for girls, from the "LAG SUCKS" line. With slippers, too! And I'm almost there... last details to think of, and then they'll be hanging on my walls.
I might think to also have 2 more colors for the Perpetua (I did for the Magnete), to give you all a wider selection to choose from LOL (and because I am kind of "looking for new ideas" at the moment).

OK, well... people, do leave a comment, if you read, let's try this again lmao.

A big hug to all of you.

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