Limited Edition Lingerie for Christmas!

Hello you all:)
I am here to announce a new thing I am doing.
I wanted to have out something special for Christmas (besides the girls' and guys' cuddling PJs, which you can find as freebies in my store).
I was advised to go with lingerie... and here it's what came out, the Rosalina Limited Edition set:

Hehe, brand new lingerie set... very very cute, I think. It's a bra&panties set (both with tiny prim bows) and a hyper-sexy body suit. It's like a sheer bustier together with large brief. These can be worn over the lingerie set itself (match it perfectly:)) OR they can be worn with nothing underneath... awesomely revealing!
I made it LIMITED EDITION! Yes, that's right! It means that only 50 of these sets will be sold in SL! So if you want one make sure you come by my store in Capelli Estates soon enough:))

The bedroom I used for the photoshooting of the Rosalina set is by my friend Eazel Allen. He started making sculpted scripted beds, added many classy bedroom components, and now has his own place where he sells all his stuff. The place is really nice... you should check it out (look for Eazel Allen, and TP from his profile).

Then, I wanted to inform you that I put nearly all my stuff on slexchange, as well (not the freebies and the hair... and still finishing with the listing of casual items lol). It was already on shop.onrez.
So... if you wanna shop but don't feel like logging in, just surf the internet and shop from http://slexchange.com or http://shop.onrez.com.

Bye bye for now, everyone!

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