Still RL busy, but here's a new release: Caterina!

Hey you all:)
I have been off SL for a week (2 weeks ago now), and anyways have been on very very little in the last month, due to RL lack of internet connection, and now plenty of RL duties to take care of.
BUT, here's some good news for you: I had the time to release a new item. It's an elegant dress called Caterina, here is a sample:

As always, I have more colours available. So far it's in pink, blue, sable and green. More are to come as soon as I am free enough to find the time to make them (and I should have some girls modelling, then:)).
I hope the efforts I am (slowly... waaay slowly) making to improve my designing are appreciated... give a holler if they are! Lol (I know... noone ever leaves comments...).

Also, I haven't partied for the opening of my REAL store yet. I had planned to do so long time ago, but never got the chance to plan anything... keep your ears open! (through my update group, for instance... joinable for free from the search. It's called "Clio Cardiff & co.").


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