Brera City Outfits out!

Hello everyone.
Ok, this is a new outfit I have released a couple days ago. It's a casual skirt outfit, with some kind of an upper class look, methinks. (lol at doc for this...).
The top kind of looks like a toga, and the system skirt can be worn either with the prim attachment or without it.
The short jacket is also included, since winter has come :)
As always, all the textures are handdrawn... so I hope you are able to notice some 'improvements' as I keep releasing things lol.
I am still in my 'experimenting' phase... trying to figure out how to render certain textures with shades and stuff haha, well, if you have time to drop a line to comment on my efforts (even negative lol, always open to critics) please do so:).
Gotta run!


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