Retexturing of some old designs...

Hello everyone!
I want to share with you an idea I had.
I was looking at my designs and I noticed that some gowns like the Perpetua and the Magnete are nice... but now old compared to my newest releases.
Since I absolutely love those 'old' dresses, I thought I would do something to make them appealing again... like a textures revision.
Mostly, what needs to be worked on is the top. Maybe I will also remake the prim textures, especially for the Evelyn.
I'll keep you posted, and will take off my walls the items I mean to retexture as soon as I decide that the work WILL be done (that is: IF I have some spare time during Christmas Holidays:)). Any suggestions wil be appreciated:)

Then, I also wanted to invite you all to visit my flickr page (http://flickr.com/photos/cliocardiff) to see all my designs and also my 'artistic' pictures, when I have the chance to work on them! lol.
I also thought I would have some in my store...

Anyways... here is a sample: the 8th Romantic Moments picture:)

I miss my moments with Pall, lately... I am always busy with the fashion line, cause I have too many new ideas, and RL keeps me away from the PC much more than in the past.
Oh, well.
I gotta go:)

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