Zoey is famous!

Hey all:)
I released a new spring dress, always in my flirty, colourful and fresh mood.
This item is dedicated to my dear dear friend Zoey, who has been asking me for a dress with lateral splits on the top for ages, and now I finally came up with one, and decided to name it after her:)
This is the dress, in all its 10 colours:

The prim skirt is longer in the centre and shorter at the sides... cause I feel like uneven cuts! haha
And together with the dress comes a choker with a matching sculpted flower.
Be sure to come by my shop to check it out and try a demo ;)

Also, I want to inform you all that a photocontest is going on!
I am selecting shots of people wearing my items, and will be having them as posters in my shop:)
To get a notecard with all the info on how to enter, you can visit my store:) Winners get an item of their choice from my store, and their names will be noticed to group and the pictures will be out at my shop and on my blog, so be sure to send in your photo! :)

A bunch of hugs:)

Clio Cardiff :)

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