New Lucy Dress:)

Hello all:)This is my new dress:)
Finally managed to release something new, huh?
I will try and work as much as I can... but RL during vacations gets busier than ever!!!
And these days it's so hot that sitting in front of the PC is nearly unbearable...
So, anyways, you can get a DEMO for this dress buying from the poster like the one above in my main store.
I made the skirt after watching a 60's italian movie one afternoon.... thought "those large skirts are beautiful!". So I came up with loads of layers to give a full and fluffy look to my SL version of those dresses:)

And since I'm here writing to you all, let me give some credit to the people who made the skin and hair for the posters this time:
Hart Larsson of PXL Creations (Crys skin), and Kavar Cleanslate (Ayumi - hair).

Many kisses,


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