Clio & Sams cross-wearing Black Swan creations!

People, let me show you what came out from a very funny and (at least for me) unusual photosession I had with Samsara Nishi, of Sams Secret Boutique ;)
We got the idea from a post by Ivalde designer, Neferia Abel (see it here), where she and caLLie cLine cross-wore their Black Swan creations...
So we thought "wow, that seems like something nice and funny to do!" and here are the shots I was able to take on that day ;)
I am wearing Sams Secret Boutique Lava Dress, in the 3 different lengths Samsara made for it.
Plus the skin you see on me is Tuli's Fire skin for Black Swan in fair tone (<-- awesome!) :)Hehe... in this shot Sams said I was flirting with the angel.... you know: I was wearing the 'light' version of her lava dress, and got flirty ;)

Here's my friend wearing my Embrace Darkness... isn't she malicious in that smile? I absolutely had to take a picture :)
Then lol... crazy shot!
2 ladies wearing formal dresses shouldn't be dancing like that! Not in public, at least! haha, but we had to start our delirium somewhere, right? And a dance on the catwalk seemed the most natural thing to do ;)
The one I am wearing in this funny shot is the version I prefer from Samsara's Lava Dress: sheer. VEEERY sexy ;)
Woot at this shot... I complimented with myself lol.
Looks like we're 2 dangerous warrior princesses, or anyways 2 gals you would keep at a distance from... we heard a noise and we're scaping the darkness, looking for the disturber.... run if you can! Muahahaha.
And last but not least: me as a lava princess!
I was still looking for the courage to get in the pool... don't worry, I did, and I can prove it! Check out the shots I flickred, and you'll get some more pictures from our shared-trip :)
Samsara blogged about this, too, and added her own shots!

Plus, there are some nice things to check out on rezzable.com, one of which is a super-duper video of the show, where you can briefly see the creations from ALL the Black Swan designers (GREAT video!), and my dress and Samsara's blogged together by Adaire Decuir!

All the dresses you see us wearing will be available at the Black Swan until the 30th of September, and at our main stores after that date :D
Hope you liked the little reportage, hehe.

Lovable hugs!

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