Embrace gown: NEW colours!

Here they are!
As I promised, not the ordinary colours I am used to.
Apart from the black and white, I went totally crazy, overwhelmed by RL stuff and on the verge of exploding.
Antique, Memoires and Shock are my way of saying 'Help! I wanna get out of here!' and 'I still remember the good old times...'.
If you want to read more about what brought me to design the Embrace line, have a peep at my past post about it.

These gowns are as always available at my main store, and to shoot the pictures I wore a Crys skin by PXL Creations.

And, let me announce to you all an event that will be starting tomorrow. I had to organise some event to attract people to a cool new SIM, inspired by Sicily, Italy.
And as I was thinking about it, I came up with the idea for a gift hunt!
So, let me introduce to you my very first "Cookie Quest" on Nuova Sicilia!

The event will start tomorrow italian morning. You can visit the place and go cookie-hunting here!

With love,

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