Finally some newness!

Hello my dears,
I finally managed to release the dress I gave you a little preview of.
The set of pants and skirt will be sold together in a pack, and I also made a colours pack, cause I think mix&matching works fabulously with this outfit.

For the complete pack (all colours) you can buy it from the vendor with this 'general' poster, and here are some single-colour posters:

Pants are on 2 layers to wear them easily also with a pair of boots.

I also hope to be able to release a long gown in this same style... but haven't found the right idea yet! All suggestions will be welcome ;)

Hope you like them!


P.S: hair for all the shots is always Kavar Cleanslate's Pamela, from Exile.
I wanted to show more shades of it ;)
And the skin is by Hart Larsson of PXL Creations :D

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