THE prettiness

Sorry people... I know this is way too stupid and super-funny... but I couldn't resist.
I am working on a few new releases: there is a charity event coming up, during the Stylista Festival (in December), for which I will donate a new release, and possibly a one of a kind dress, or a limited edition (depends on the time I'll have).
Then, since the Winter Fairytale expo at Vanity Universe is about to start, too, I will have to make some newness for that, as well...

The snapshot is obviously an untouched, unprocessed, deliberately ugly portrait of what Clio looks like while she's creating :D
Takes hours for me to experiment the prim skirts' flowing movements... and that's how I do it! Hahaha.

I might look crazy... I am a bit... drunk by the loads of work going on.
Please, excuse this crazy gal for this awful show of her working uniform!

Huggles and kisses,


Samsara said...

LO Clio!!
I fully understnad you!
I do the same, and also BALD! LOL

Clio said...

Hehe... I forget to take hair off, but at times it happens that I detach it by mistake...
then when I tell my bf "I need to put something on before meeting you" he always jokes and asks "Why? where you naked?".

Honestly speaking, what I wear to work is worse than naked! LOL
*hugs Sams*