Messy bag blogger's challenge!

Lol, ok... I am not a blogger (not officially, at least), but this challenge that's been going around lately sounds like fun!

So there's the messy content of my huge messy bag (mind, the purse is newish, that's why there was no random piece of paper with random info written on it... that's another 'must be in there' for my purses).

We have...

  • My huge bag I'm totally in love with.
  • An umbrella inside a shades-like case (ya never know when Milan is gonna start crying on you).
  • 2 (yes, at LEAST 2) packs of tissues... I am constantly sick :-/.
  • My shitty 3 years-or-so old wallet (full of receipts.. not too much money...).
  • My house keys.
  • 2 pair of gloves for my cold hands.
  • A tube of hand cream (still for my cold hands).
  • My super super old cell phone.
  • My tiny and oldish mp3 reader.
  • A little pen.
Lol, so, well, that's what was in my messy bag in a winter day...
And uhm... I guess I should start considering to replace my cell phone, mp3 reader... or at least my wallet! My stuff seems to be from a museum lmao.

What's in YOUR bag? :)

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