Make-A-Wish new releases!

So, all this time I have been busy with my usual messy RL, and with THESE new releases I made to help raising funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Many SL designers (including me :)) have donated unique designs, limited editions or new releases that will be sold until the 31st of December, with 100% of the proceeds to help children through Make-A-Wish.

From the Drousilla, with suggestions and ideas from RubyStarlight Writer, I ended up with 2 very special dresses.
Drousilla Fire is a limited edition dress that will be available on the grid in only 15 copies.

Drousilla Night is the One-of-a-kind design I donated. Similar to the Fire version, but obviously unique. It will be up for auction bidding until the 31st of December! Hurry up! ;)

Then, a new release that will become part of my own line after this festival is over, is a big gown.
Floreale comes in 10 different colours, clothing on all layers & sculpted clutch.
I was feeling like big skirt and tiny prints, and so I made a big skirt and arranged thousands of tiny flowers on the dress :D

You can find all these things HERE :) Be sure to come by to also see the donations of my fellow designers, and to donate (even if not by buying :P)

With love,

Skin worn in all shots from PXL Creations, hair worn in Drousilla Fire's poster from House of Heart, hair worn in Drousilla Night and Floreale from Exile :)

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