Midsummer... Amusements!

I am SO late posting this, but YES! Fashion Designers' Challenge items are finally out!

And after the teasers I had published in the past, here are the actual dresses!
As my usual, I have made more than 1 colour for the outfit, and I also came up with a long and large gown to fully match Mouse Mimistrobell's jewelry (the cute necklace she made would have disappeared inside the ruffles with the original version!).

This time again, I made the gowns available on all possible layers, and the skirt inside is scripted to allow resizing (thank you Wietze Cassini for the script:)).

BUT, before I go on giving more 'practical' information on where to get the items (which are not yet in my main store), let me share with you WHY in the world I had to make such a silly gown!
It's all Samsara's fault! LOL.
Not only cause she was the one dragging me in this awesome event that has been FDC, but also because I was challenged by the very Samsara Nishi to:
"Whenever we are too stressed, laugh is always a good way to dismiss the stress out! I guess the clown is the most primitive and universal profession that uses laugh as the main tool to make his work happen.

I cut & pasted this from wikipedia: "Clowns are found in cultures of any time and place, because they meet some deeply rooted needs in humanity: violation of taboos, the mockery of sacred and profane authorities and symbols, reversal of language and action."

I challenge you to create a fancy and elegant clown costume. With just some few changes, your creation should adapt itself to at least those 2 different situations: a professional clown wearing it to perform his job; and also to a fancy fashionista wearing it to go to a red capet party.

I wish you will have fun creating it !! "

So, I had to make something that could suit both a circus AND a red carpet!
I don't really know if everyone will approve my final outcome, but I was very glad to see Samsara herself liked it :) (plus, Mouse kept encouraging me that I was doing good... so I have overcome my first doubts ;)).

While I had to work on this clowny/funny challenge, Mouse had her own job to do! She had to create a set of jewelry inspired by "A Midsummer Night's Dream" of Shakespeare.
She obviously did it magnificently! I think the flowers shout out "MIDSUMMER!" and their colours have something dreamy about it... what best could she come out with! :D

So, well, right now the items created by Mouse and me, and by the other 33 brave designers who took part in the challenge are all exposed at the 2 FDC stores (TP to FDC at Road to Oz or to FDC at Sn@tch City).
After the final show, on May 16th 6 PM SL time, at Patch Thibaud Auditorium (where you are ALL invited!), we will take down the 'community stores' and the creations will be available at each Main Store:)

I have to thank Samsara once again for organising all this, and hug tight Mouse for being such a wonderful teammate who made the whole process a real pleasure :-*

Do visit the store to see what everyone else made!


Photo credits:

  • Jewelry Set -headpiece included- by Dark Mouse (Midsummer Amusements);
  • Skin by PXL Creations (Grace Fair);
  • Hair by ETD (Roslin);
  • Shoes by: Maitreya (Dreamy Blue photos - Slinky Stiletto) and Shiny Things (Juicy Orange photos - Classics);
  • Poses by Grapevine.

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